“Here you have learned to be yourselves”


The Professional Program students celebrate the end of the 2022-23 academic year

The first step in order to progress is to accept all the work that lies ahead, to accept the need to go through a learning process. And to be able to take that step, you need to know yourself, both in life and in football. For this reason, the main task of the Marcet Football University is to make each player understand what their strengths are. Because the first step to improve is to accept yourself and not to turn yourself into a bad photocopy of another player.

These have been, in summary, the words addressed by J. Marcet to the students of the Professional Program during the graduation ceremony of the 2022-23 academic year, which took place at the academy’s headquarters in Barcelona.

“Here you have learned to be yourselves”, stated the president: “Game by game, training session by training session, you have understood that the important thing, in order to learn, is to enjoy. And that to enjoy yourself you have to set goals and achieve them. To be happy, you don’t have to look for happiness, but rather live it in every moment“.

After the delivery of diplomas, the students of the Marcet Football University have been able to enjoy an end-of-year party by the pool. Many of them will continue next year. Many others, having reached the end of their training cycle, will leave the academy and sign for renowned teams. Others will use what they have learned in Barcelona to win a scholarship to the best american universities or to succeed in other areas of life. None of them will forget this year.

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