24 hours in Marcet


How do the students of the High Performance Academy face the day? What do they do?

The football season has just started and the first challenge for the students of the Marcet High Performance Academy is getting used to the new routine. That is to say, to live like a soccer player. The day in Marcet starts very soon, approximately at 06:30am.

After waking up and having a little snack, the first thing to do is to train. And it could not be otherwise, since football is the biggest commitment of the day for Marcet players.

After the shower, it is time to have a good breakfast in the sports city dining room before focusing on the academic part of the MPEP Program.

Each student follows a different academic program. Some go to Spanish schools, others study languages, and there are those who prefer to follow the academic plan of their country and opt for international studies.

The end of lessons is for many the most joyful moment of the day. The boys leave the classroom and head to the Marcet cafeteria to eat. Of course, the younger ones will have another school session in the afternoon.

After the meal, it comes the time to put on the cleats again and face the second training session in the afternoon.

While some are training, others study in Marcet classrooms under the supervision of their tutors. From 08:00pm onwards, the students begin to dine, then head to the residence and rest for a while before starting a new day.

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