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For 40 years, Marcet is and has been at the cutting edge of football innovation. There is not an organisation that has developed knowledge about this sport at the same length and depth. Our commitment is not only to accumulate it, but also (even more importantly) to pass it on.

This new website has been done according to the same principles as our education and innovation programs, devoted to forge intelligent, free and (therefore) unstoppable players and other football professionals .

Marcetfootball.com is the meeting point of a community that has grown around Marcet, either social media like Facebook, Instagram (do not miss out stories!) or Twitter; in our venues of Barcelona and Madrid or all the countries where we are developing smart football.

This site does not only aspire to be a display of all the initiatives and courses that we offer, but also to offer content of your interest to help you to understand the depth and the wealth of football: from the implementation of new technologies to the influence of stress in the game and how to overcome it, including also poignant stories like the fight of Danny Flores against cancer or how people with disabilities find equal opportunities and quality of life through football.

If that were not enough, we premiere a new section full of stars: the Hall of Fame, where you will be able to discover the stories (and learn from them) of those professionals who, thanks to their hard work and determination, are reaching their goals. Names like, among others, Óliver Torres, Pedro Arce, Luis LlopisBerta Pujadas or Han Kwang-Song; who are today shining with their smart football in teams like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Porto, Club América, RCD Espanyol, Cagliari or their respective National Teams. This map, where we are adding new names all the time, will help you to grasp the reach of our former students and the success of our methodology:

We also want Marcetfootball.com to be a window for you to see who we are and how we work. We offer you lots of content so you can know more about us: how our teachers are, why a parent enrols his or her children to Marcet, what our partners all over the world see in us, which are the personal objectives of our students… we even tell you who is the chef that feeds so many Marcet footballers!

Keeping in mind the uniqueness of goalkeepers, we have created a special place for them. A place where all the keepers who want to improve and learn will find all the specific content of their position.

Welcome to smart football. At Marcet we are waiting you with open arms. If you adore this sport, read us, follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and (above all) come to visit us!

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