Security and leadership


Adrián Cova arrived in Barcelona from Venezuela, trained at Marcet for three years and ended up signing to Atlético de Madrid.

“Because of his physical condition, his technique and his dedication to hard work, I think he is one of the students that will reach the highest level in football.” Coach Marcos Romero was not wrong when, in 2014, he praised Adrián Cova‘s promising talent. The Venezuelan defender was then 13 years of age and completely unaware that he would end up defending the Atlético de Madrid shirt.

Newly arrived from Venezuela with his family, Adrián premiered at Marcet during the summer courses of 2012. Together with his brother, Alejandro, he later enrolled in the Professional Program, where he wouldn’t take his time about standing out. “He’s a powerful player, very strong, fast, with impressive lower body strength,” his trainer comments in the video that heads this page. “He knows how to occupy spaces without the ball, something that is often difficult for kids his age. On top of that, he has leadership skills and his colleagues really do look up to him. He’s an important figure, who really pulls the team through, a role-model if anything.”

Ádrián Cova posa con la elástica del Atlético Madrid.
Ádrián Cova poses with the Atlético Madrid uniform.

In Venezuela, I was very bad, my ball control was all over the place,” Adrián recalls. “At Marcet, I definitely made an improvement on it, as well as on my headers and weak foot. For three years at the High-Performance Academy, I learned a lot and grew up not only as a footballer but also as a person. I made very good friends and had great coaches which I’ll always remember fondly.”

During his time at Marcet, several teams began to notice Adrián. The Venezuelan defender chose Damm, one of the most important squads in Spanish football. “I was playing with them as a cadet in División de Honor when Atlético Madrid also started to show interest,” explains the Venezuelan defender, who is clearly happy about the whole situation the Madrid club.


“It’s a great club, and it has grown a lot in recent years. I will say that it comes with a lot of responsibility though, both concerning football and studies. I feel like I’m with family and I know that this is a great opportunity. Now I’m focused on consolidating myself in this team, growing, and one day playing in First Division, represent my country with the ‘Vinotinto’.”

In Venezuela they’ve got their eye on him. The press of the South American country defines him as a player who “is not afraid of changing positions since he can defend the wings, as well as play a central defender and even fulfil the role of a midfielder.” Born in Venezuela, trained in Barcelona and currently active in Madrid, geographical changes do not seem to scare him either. That is why, when asked what his best virtues are, he finds them without hesitation: “Security, trust and character”.

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