When he signed up for his first campus, football was but a pass-time. Today, Adrián Dalmau plays in the Eredivisie.

Adrián Dalmau started playing football by chance. When he was seven years old, he opened his mailbox one morning to find a brochure for a football course and decided to give it a go out of pure curiosity. He enjoyed it and before long, football was one of the things he’d most look forward to every week. At the age of twelve, Adrián began to enroll in Marcet‘s courses. First, the 2006 Academies’ World Cup of Football. Soon after, several intensive courses in Barcelona and a series of training experiences abroad: Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland

Born in Mallorca, Adrián had to move from his homeland to further develop his abilities as a footballer. After his time at Marcet, he wore Real Madrid‘s and Rayo Vallecano‘s colours as a Juvenil player. From there, he began to climb up the category ladder until he reached second division leagues playing for teams such as Numancia . Each year he’d change clubs, and then in the 2016-17 season he was able to return home after joining Mallorca. However, he wouldn’t stay long because his career was about to take off.

Adrián Dalmau durante un entrenamiento con el RCD Espanyol.
Adrián Dalmau during a training with RCD Espanyol, in Barcelona.

After Mallorca came Villarreal B, and then the jump to the Dutch First Division league. “The adaptation process has been good,” said Heracles‘ forward today in an interview with Radio Marca. “I appreciate the coach’s trust, he seems to be giving me opportunities. I feel very comfortable because both the club and the city have welcomed me very well.”

Adrián played every minute of his debut game. It was against Ajax. A first step in the right direction, managing to come away from the match with a draw. “Today I fulfilled the dream I had when I was a child: to debut in the First Division of professional football. A very hard road that has been worth it for living this moment in a unique setting. You can’t really ask for more,” said Adrián, who scored two goals in the following four Eredivisie games.

The Dutch league is competitive and ideal for strikers,” the Mallorcan explains. “Teams tend to press very high and leave more space behind. I’m fast, and it seems to be working. There’s a spectacular atmosphere at the Heracles stadium. It’s always full, the stands are very close to the grass and the crowd gets stuck in from the get-go. The fans are very warm, it’s a very nice environment, very special “.

Adrián Dalmau in the match against Ajax, his first game in Eredivisie.

Heracles followed his signing in the playoff phase with Villarreal B in the 2017-18 season very closely, when he scored 11 goals. The Spanish striker stayed eagerly awaiting the promotion to Second Division, but eventually won a ticket to Holland’s First. “Now I have to continue in this line. These last two seasons Heracles stayed in the middle of the table, but we have to be ambitious and not get comfortable. Why not give the Europa League a shot?”.