‘Now I have my chance’


Alberto Salido signed by Mallorca after the island’s scouts noticed him during a friendly match against Marcet.

Alberto Salido met Marcet in Mallorca.  “In the island I did technical training every Sunday until I started going to Barcelona for the summer to participate in the intensive courses. I ended up staying all year as a student of the Professional Program,” the young midfielder from Capdepera tells.

During two years of training in the Ciudad Condal, Alberto had the opportunity to face teams like Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla and Espanyol, among others. He gained experience in tournaments such as the Oviedo Cup and in international tours like the one in Mulhouse. A series of games that concluded with a match against his very own home town’s team.

Alberto Saludo conduce la pelota en un partido entre el Marcet A y el Villarreal.
Alberto Salido drives the ball in a match against Villarreal.

It was very special to return to the island. Before the match I got more nervous than usual, mainly because my family had come to see me,” recalls the Majorcan midfielder. “However, once the game started, everything went back to normal and I was able to play how I knew. I left the field satisfied and I think we were superior to our rivals for a good part of the game.”

What Alberto did not know is that they were watching him. That homecoming visit was going to mark a before and after in his sports career. Days after the game, the midfielder received a call that put a smile on his face from ear to ear: the scouts of Mallorca had noticed him and wanted to sign him for the coming season.

“Something I OWE ESPECIALLy to Marcet is having learned one of the more difficult things in football: playing for my teammates”

It was the news Alberto had been waiting for after two years at the Marcet High-Performance Academy. “I left my house to go to Barcelona and live something completely different. It was almost like being a professional player, living in a residence with my teammates and training every day to the absolute fullest, because if you relax you can fall short of your goals. There’s no time to lose.”

“It’s been an experience that’s helped me a lot. In these two years I’ve learned more than I’ve learned in all the other years I’ve been playing football. Something I owe especially to Marcet is having learned one of the more difficult things in football: playing for my teammates and always choosing the option that makes the most of them, something that other places aren’t so quick to teach you.”

Alberto Salido cae al suelo tras un choque contra un defensa del Sevilla.
Alberto Salido falls on the ground after a clash with a Sevilla defender.

Another change awaits Alberto, back home. “Receiving news of my signing was very exciting because it’s a high-level team, which is currently playing in second division. I see it as a first milestone reached. In the end, it’s a way to take off, leave the nest and be a little closer to future goals, an opportunity to continue growing and improving. Personally, I always look forward to going home but here in Barcelona, I’ve become used to being away from the family. What I’ve always wanted is to become a professional football player, and I came here looking to make that leap to an important team. Now’s my chance.”

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