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Aldair Adilov signs for the most important club in Kazakhstan after three years at Marcet.

About to turn 19, Aldair Adilov already enjoys the honor of wearing the most important Kazakh football shirt. His adventure with FC Astana has just begun, and it is just a dream that comes true. “When they offered me a place in the team, I didn’t think about it for a second,” recalls the young footballer, who also received the call from the U-19 National Team. “Playing for the best team in my country is what I’ve always wanted to do since I was little.”

Aldair, who can play both as winger and midfielder, came to Marcet in the summer of 2017, when he signed up for an intensive course. During that experience, he decided to continue his training with Marcet and signed up for the Professional Program, in which he would remain for three years. “I liked the way of training, the teachers who were there and everything else. I realized that in Marcet I could learn a lot and progress as a player.”

“I realized that in Marcet I could learn a lot and progress as a player”

But what did Aldair learn? “Above all, I learn to compete. Now I understand what is important to be a footballer. I had the opportunity to play many games against great teams, and that was really useful, because it allowed me to gain experience. In the end I improved tactically and technically, but also as a person. I grew mentally and emotionally, becoming more self-confident ”

Aldair Adilov durante un partido con el Astana.
Aldair Adilov playing for FC Astana.

But not everything was easy. In every training process there are always hard moments, and you have to learn to overcome them to improve. In Aldair’s case, the first stumbling block was linguistic. Learning Spanish was key for the Kazakh player to adapt to the new context and progress. But not only that. “The most difficult moment was when I injured my knee. It was my first year at the Academy and I had to stop for three months.” But difficulties are opportunities. “I could spend this time to learn the language and to see my training process from a distance, understanding what I had to do in order to take advantage of it”.

Aldair’s last year in Barcelona was marked by the restrictions imposed after the declaration of the Covid-19 “pandemic”. The 2019-20 season was suspended in March and could not be completed, but in the summer the good news began to arrive. First, from Energetik-BGU, the Belarusian First Division team with which Aldair signed his first professional contract. Then, after six months with this club, the call came from Astana first team. “Now I want to consolidate here and become the main player of this great team.”

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