Character and work


Alejandro Fernández’s place is in front of Atlético de Madrid’s defending goal posts. “My role is to provide the team with maximum security”

“I’ve missed a lot of hangouts with my friends, birthday parties, ski trips at Christmas, end-of-year trips… But I’d do just the same all over again if I had to, I’m happy I have football.” Alejandro Fernandez made the sport one of his life’s priorities and with time, these sacrifices have shown their worth. Today he is Atlético de Madrid‘s goalkeeper and still remembers his signing as the greatest satisfaction of his sporting career yet.

“I was a first-year Cadete (U16) and was playing for Alcobendas. My coach thought I’d do well in the B team and so I start to play in the A. That year I also went to several tryouts for the regional team from Madrid, and at the end of the season I got the call, they wanted me for the preseason.”

Alejandro now defends Atlético de Madrid’s goalposts in the División de Honor. He’s a goalkeeper with character, who stands out both under sticks and in his one-on-one game. “I love training, I still have a lot to learn, but I consider myself responsible and hardworking. My role is to provide the team with maximum security.”

“marcet taught me the real value of communication on the pitch”

The first time that Alejandro went to Marcet goes back to when he was ten years old, for an intensive Christmas course in Madrid. A course aimed at keeping athletes in shape and technically on their toes during the holidays. “They taught me discipline, to train despite the cold and rain, to get up early. I’d turn up to the pitch happy, excited. I specifically remember Edu, a coach who’d be a very important person for me. Another trainer taught me the real value of communication on the pitch and the subtle but significant difference that it makes when you call out to your colleagues by their name.”

“I also went to summer intensives in Barcelona,” the keeper recalls. “I really liked how professional the coaches are, how demanding. I noticed a big difference to what I was used to at my club back then: it was a more specialized course, with more time to work with. I also met a lot of kids my age and made good friends. We had a great time, we’d push each other and get competitive in the exercises because it made us work harder and improve faster. We all helped each other out a lot.”

Now Alejandro is focused on making progress technically. “I don’t want to put my studies aside, but in the future, I’d like to dedicate myself to football, because it’s what I’m passionate about. I want to continue in Atlético and become a professional player without forgetting what it means to be a good person, with principles. “

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