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Sign up for Summer courses

Summer is an ideal time to improve by establishing clear and personalised objectives. SIGN UP HERE! In football, much like in life, you have to set goals. Progress without setting clear objectives is a dead end. Similarly dangerous to 'standardised goals', because each aspiring player is unique and has their own particular starting point. But [...]

Learn football at home!

With the illuminating program you can keep improving wherever you are. There are not excuses not to train. To make sure that your kid keeps improving continuously and without interruption, from your country, your city, playing games and training with his club, Marcet offers the Illuminator Program, which aim is for your kid to acquire […]

Marcet pedagogical model

Talent is not a gift through genetics, but a conquest through effort. In Marcet we make sure our players reach their maximum potential motivating them to understand the game of football in all of its aspects and to know how to play intelligently, with the ability to see, understand, decide and execute effectively and quickly. […]

The only academy with a tailor-made education

Football training should adapt to every trainee’s unique traits by way of courses specially designed for their progress in specific areas. What would we make of doctors that prescribe before reaching a diagnosis? What would we think of architects that place the foundations of their building before studying the very last they build on? How […]

For competitive sports preparation based on scientific evidence

Marcet carries out an investigation in 100 different countries to pinpoint the real state of grassroots football and improve its educational practice. Intuition has traditionally been a key tool in a coach's arsenal for grassroots football training. There are still a considerable amount of technicians who still make decisions concerning their practice sessions without the [...]

Dynamite on the bench

In a market that demands specialized profiles, ‘super-subs’ know how to make a difference in a team without being a starter. He is hardly ever in the starting eleven. Yet he almost always makes the game. He is called ‘super-sub’, and his mission is to pull his team out of the heat when time is […]

The Inevitable Number 10

Like his opposite number in the tv series Captain Tsubasa, Óliver Torres has found his place in football thanks to his great talent and dedication. His fate was sealed with his name. Even before his breakthrough, the name Óliver Torres & football already went hand-in-hand. His first name was chosen by his older brother in […]

Ten teams, four expeditions

Marcet teams go on tour to play against sides such as Sevilla, Villarreal, Oviedo and Sporting de Gijón. Christmas presents always arrive a little earlier for Marcet students. Every year, at the beginning of December, teams from the High Performance Academy travel far and wide throughout Spain to face some of the best sides on […]

A Serie A Record

Han Kwang-song made it to Juventus after becoming the first North Korean to score a goal in Italy’s highest division. When Han Kwang-song scored with his head against Torino, it was a historical goal. It was the first time ever that a player from North Korea had scored in Italy’s Serie A. A milestone for […]

How likely are you to make it to professional football?

The Checking Programme is a diagnosis of a player’s potential established throughout an evaluative personalised course. “Two weeks won’t make anyone the world’s best player, but I wanted Jason to go through this experience to know if he really does have what it takes to reach the footballing elite.” Ernest Addi took his son to […]

The value of persistence

After coming close to an early retirement, David Soria makes a place for himself in Seville’s starting eleven and won an Europa League. David Soria’s sporting career is reminiscent of a film. The ending is a happy one, but the path leading up to the positive payoff is plagued with testing and difficult moments, bringing […]

How to get a scholarship to study in the U.S.

Success in soccer can be reached through the most unsuspected ways. It is not only about signing for a big club, in a big league. There are many alternatives which can also be considered a triumph. Considering that the life of a soccer player is very short (18 years at most) and the life of […]

No ordinary match

It’s no ordinary day for Diego Moral. The right winger, who has been a student of Marcet Academy for the past 3 months, will face Valencia later on today. Together with his teammates, Diego heads to the bus that will take the expedition to the Paterna’s Training Grounds. His footballing passion stems way back: “When [...]

A ‘pearl’ for Valencia

Berta Pujadas arrives in Valencia after completing excellent seasons with Espanyol and Barça. “The pearl of Barça, Berta Pujadas, sets course for Espanyol“. With that headline ‘Mundo Deportivo’ took notice of one of the most famous signings of summer 2017 in women’s football. At 17, the Marcet cadette reached the First Division as one of […]

‘Being here is impressive’

Mateu Morey signs for Borussia Dortmund after winning the U-17 Eurocup and the UEFA Youth League. In 2017, he won the U-17 Eurocup with Spain, and was one of the protagonists of ‘la Roja’. A year later, he won the UEFA Youth League with Barça. The international press then began to compare him to Philipp […]

Messi’s godfather

A passionate advocate of neuroscience applied to football, Hoyos won the Chilean Championship as a sports technician after his stay at Marcet. Comparing anyone to Maradona is risky for any Argentine. The ‘God of football’ is untouchable and anything that comes close to comparing itself to him could be considered blasphemous. Especially if whoever dares […]

A legendary goalkeeper

After hanging up his boots, Tommy N’Kono sought training at Marcet with the aim of coaching a First Division team. It’s one thing to know, and another to teach. A competent football player should have the humility to recognize this difference. Transmitting your own knowledge in the correct and most effective way is anything but […]

Talent and hard work

Jonathan Rubio Toro reaches the Portuguese First Division and the Honduran National Team. On February 12th 2012 Jonathan Rubio Toro caught a plane to Spain. The Honduran striker was on the brink of starting his formative cycle at Marcet and was travelling to Barcelona with a very specific objective. “Jonathan, what do you have in […]

Footballer by chance

When he signed up for his first campus, football was but a pass-time. Today, Adrián Dalmau plays in the Eredivisie. Adrián Dalmau started playing football by chance. When he was seven years old, he opened his mailbox one morning to find a brochure for a football course and decided to give it a go out […]

‘It’s essential to enjoy it’

Brandon Thomas returns to the First Division after ascending with Osasuna. It did not take long to become the flagship of the main team in their region. From a young age, Brandon Thomas Llamas was able to break into the ranks of RCD Mallorca and with the vermilion team came to debut in the First […]

An unstoppable keeper

Álvaro Fernández Calvo joins Celta B and is well on his way to becoming a top Spanish footballer. Like many goalkeepers from the top clubs in Spain, Álvaro Fernández Calvo also wanted to find out the effectiveness of the Marcet methodology for himself. He had already experienced the Madrid Intensive courses, which he attended for […]

On the right track

Valentin Yotov signs for Bayern and makes the most of the holidays to continue training at Marcet. He has Bulgarian parentage, grew up in the USA, plays in Germany and trains in Spain. If globalization has marked the personal path of Valentin Yotov, talent has marked his sporting career. This is demonstrated by his signing […]

Midfield globetrotter

After his time at Marcet, Senne Ceulemans dresses for Villarreal, Chelsea and Ghent. “When I joined Chelsea I couldn’t believe it, it was a dream come true, the most gratifying moment since I started football.” Senne Ceulemans fondly remembers his arrival in London. He started the 2017-18 season with Southampton, but was signed by the […]

A precocious talent

Misael Domínguez signs for Cruz Azul after debuting in Mexico’s first division at 17 years of age. “The jewel of Monterrey arrives at Cruz Azul”. Thus the Mexican press made it known to the public that Misael Domínguez had transferred, leaving his hometown club for one of Mexico’s greatest. “The directors of Cruz Azul agreed […]

Keylor Navas’ ‘secret’

Luis Llopis’s innovative methodology has elevated Real Madrid’s keeper and keeps on giving in Marcet. When Luis Llopis made his way to la Foundation Marcet, the International Academy of Goalkeepers didn’t take long to realise that they were in the presence of one of the best and most charismatic trainers in the world. Football’s recent […]

A top scorer for Barça

Juan David Fuentes, top scorer in the U14 Preference League, will wear the Barcelona shirt next season after shining in the ranks of Marcet. Marisol still remembers the first time her son kicked a ball. “We were in Bogotá, sitting on the terrace of our house. The boy was a year and a half old. […]

‘Marcet was a prize for me’

Marta Pérez plays for Betis in Spain’s Premiere Division and combines sport with an academic education. Marta doesn’t exactly remember when she started playing football. “All I remember is that ever since my first steps, I always had a ball at my feet”. When she wasn’t at one of her brother’s matches, watching him play, […]

An awarded ambition

At 18 years of age, Vladimir Moskvichev started to train with Moscow Dynamo’s main team. One of the books on his bedside table is Andrés Iniesta’s biography. Perhaps there lies the reason Vladimir Moskvichev took to Barcelona to polish his tactical criteria on the pitch. His first visit was back in the summer of 2014 […]

Opportunities, seized

Didier Ovono makes appearances in Portugal, France and Belgium’s first divisions after training at Marcet with Tommy N’Kono. At age 20, Didier Ovono had reached the top of what Gabon had to offer in terms of football. After settling as a goalkeeper in the lower categories of his national team, he signed for Mangasport – […]

In search of perfection

Vikentii Voloshyn’s desire to improve has led him to Dynamo Kiev and the Ukrainian National Team. Vikentii Voloshyn was 11 years old when he first came to Marcet to broaden his horizons and to get to know a different reality. Ever since he was 6 years old he has dedicated all his free time to […]

‘Happiness is important’

Miguel Ángel Morro sports Rayo Vallecano’s colours: ‘If football doesn’t make you happy, progress is impossible’. He makes himself known as a goalkeeper with “a lot of character”, that shines “in difficult matches and complicated scenarios”. At 1.93m (6’3”) tall, Miguel Ángel Morro is built to reach the stars. So far, he looks like he’s […]

From Lithuania to Villarreal

Rimvydas Kiriejevas signs for the ‘Yellow Submarine’ after two and a half years in Marcet. Like many Marcet students, Rimvydas Kiriejevas came to Spain with the objective of receiving a type of sports training that he could not find in his country. The Lithuanian goalkeeper landed in Barcelona in the summer of 2017. After two […]

Leader of his national side

After one year of training at Marcet, Choe Song-hyok has won the Asian Cup and signed for Fiorentina. Choe Song-hyok came to Barcelona alongside 17 other kids from North Korea, that found in Marcet the football academy they were looking for. The football association from the Asian country wanted their younger generation to travel to […]

The “Mexican Iniesta”

Pedro Arce returns to the Greek First Division following his time at Club América. “Fast, skilled and creative”. This is how the Mexican press described Pedro Arce Latapi, who, in 2017 signed for América, the most prestigious club of the North American country. The creamy-blue side welcomed back the midfielder from Saltillo, who, over the […]

Explosive and threatening

As soon as he arrived from the US, Konrad joined Marcet’s intensive. Today he is one of Barça’s most promising junior players. When Konrad de la Fuente signed up for Marcet’s intensive courses he had just set foot in Barcelona. His family, originally from Haiti, had lived in Miami for years, a city that would […]

A modern striker

Miguel Soto signs for Crystal Palace after moving to England with his family. Miguel Soto was born 15 years ago in Madrid, but has already spent more than half his life in England. In 2010 he joined the ranks of Brunete, the only club he played for before emigrating to the other side of the […]

Exceeded expectations

Álvaro Jiménez debuts at Sporting de Gijón, where the team’s passionate following have made him feel right at home. Álvaro Jiménez‘s transfer to Sporting de Gijón has been hot news on the transfer market this past summer. At the beginning of August, the former Marcet trainee seemed like he’d be calling Malaga home. He had […]

Speed and versatility

Leonardo Frey manages to earn himself a place with Zurich after passing through Marcet. “I read the email over and over again until I finally realized what it meant. It was true! Zurich had requested I go for a trial… I’d done it!” This is how Leonardo Frey Zalve found out that one of the […]

An A+ Footballer

Ferran Ruiz had the best grades at Marcet. Today, he takes his talent to Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. When Ferran Ruiz Martí signed for Real Madrid, alarms went off over at Barça. Not only because the former defender for Girona had practically closed a deal with Barcelona., but also because being the […]

Confidence and potential

Youssouf Koita always dreamed of playing in Europe. Today defends Girona’s goal. “The situation in Mali is not easy for those who aspire to become professional footballers, all young people dream of one day playing in Europe and seek to fulfil this dream.” This is how Youssouf Koita describes the environment in which he grew […]

Football nomad

After hanging up his boots as a goalkeeper, Rubén Martínez joined the coaching staff of teams such as Watford, Saint-Étienne and Olympiacos. Rubén Martínez has put a fulfilling career behind him as a professional goalkeeper. He played in the Second Division with Barcelona and has accumulated experiences in teams such as Cultural, Zamora and Hércules. […]

Forever a teacher

Despite training Premier League players, Emilio López doesn’t want to forget the pedagogical side of football he spent so much time with. Emilio López was always very clear on the fact that he wanted to be a coach. He prepared for it during his long career as a professional Second Division goalkeeper. After defending the […]

‘Playing simple is difficult’

After being called up by his country’s U-16s squad, the former Marcet player has signed his first professional contract with the club dominating Belgian football. When Vladi started playing for KAA Gante he knew he had an opportunity of a lifetime. Getting into the club that’s dominating Belgian football can open the doors to professional […]

‘I learned to think faster’

Sergey Mikhailov signed for Anzhi after two years at Marcet, where he was looking to ‘learn to play like a European footballer’. In June of this year Sergey Mikhailov finished his career at Marcet’s High-Performance Academy. After his second year in Barcelona, FK Anzhí Majachkalá came knocking on his door. The Russian Premier League club […]

Investing in progress

Alex Millet decided to postpone signing to a renowned club to continue working on his aptitudes both as a player and as a person. At the age of nine, Alex Millet was close to signing with Valencia. However, that same season he did a test at Marcet and ended up participating in the Academies’ World […]

A dream debut

Former Marcet player Deependra Negi scores a goal in his first Indian Super League match. A few years ago, he was training every day at Marcet. Today, he plays in India’s First Division, where he shared a locker room with stars like Dimitar Berbatov. At 19 years of age, Deependra Negi seared through stages and […]

‘Now, I’m a footballer’

Numancia’s signing is all but a milestone in Jordi Sánchez’s sporting career. “My signing day reception at Numancia was one of the happiest days of my life, a dream come true and my family by my side. Having them feel proud of me is something I can’t even begin to describe with words. A very […]

Explosivity and power

Mikhail Shakhkalamov signs for Spartak Moscow after attending several intensive courses in Barcelona. While playing in Lokomotiv Moscow, a teammate mentioned Marcet. It didn’t take Mikhail long to get on the internet and start looking into the academy. Before long, he was on a plane to Barcelona for the Easter Holidays Intensive Course. That first […]

An ‘unconventional’ striker

Alan Godoy is selected for his national team the same year he signs to Deportivo Alavés. He defines himself as an “unconventional” striker. Scoring goals simply isn’t enough. He also appreciates the aesthetics of football and likes to show off with “rabonas, backheels and roulettes”. Alan Godoy (Las Palmas, 05/04/2003) has a strong personality, which […]

‘A Great Opportunity’

Roland Bocs, a regular fixture of the lower categories of Latvia’s National Team, signs for Hoffenheim. When Roland Bocs finished his first training session, he quickly realized he wanted to dedicate himself to football. The current Hoffenheim player was only 5 years old, but both himself and his family knew the path he was going […]

Versatile and ambidextrous

Pablo Arenzana took advantage of Marcet’s intensive training to improve his shot with his other leg. He’s now made it to Real Sociedad. He had been training weekly at the Real Sociedad school since he was eight, but had to wait until he was 12 to be signed by the team from San Sebastian. It […]

Anelka: ‘Football is global, but the true quality is in Barcelona’

The French striker enrolls his kids in the Marcet intensive courses: ”To make it you need to put in more work and less mobile phone time”. Few players can boast a resume as extensive and impressive as Nicolas Anelka. Throughout his career, the French striker wore the shirt of teams such as PSG, Arsenal, Real […]

‘The career of a footballer is too short to not make the most out of summer’

Giancarlo Martínez has been at Coker University for two years. The keeper, originally from Guatemala, defends the goal of the Cobras, the football team of the Hartsville College in South Carolina. “I was looking for training options during the summer, as there aren’t many in my country”, explains the keeper. “I found various academies through the [...]

What’s next in Marcet?

These are the next events and courses of Marcet Football. Write them down! (September-July 2020) High Technification Annual Course (aged 6 to 13) and Forja (aged 3 to 5) in Barcelona (September-July 2020) Annual Course in Madrid (aged 6 to 14) (31st Match-7th abril) Marcet Soccer Camp in Ramallah (Palestine) (6th-12th April) Easter intensive courses in Barcelona Forja (aged 3-5) […]

Teaching coaches to be empathic

Communication is "fundamental" for Edgar Moragas. The Marcet Academy A coach knows that a big part of his job is conveying messages correctly. "Without good communication, the team stops believing in you," explains the technician. "To do my job well, the first thing is to know how to manage a group. Everything else comes later. [...]

Football Stars Conquer Their Stress

Thinking too much can be fatal on the pitch, where it is best to act as quickly as possible. In football a fraction of a second can be decisive. Losing this time is enough to be late for a ball, to let the opponent anticipate your next move or to lose your shooting angle. A […]

Personal Growth and Social Cohesion

LaLiga shows the winners of a South African draft how the best football academies of Spain work. Ayesha Moosa‘s smile explains better than anything the experience that the young South African woman has just had in Spain. The Soweto Fabulous player arrived in Barcelona along with a coach and two other players from her country. […]

Marcet’s Eleven

The most outstanding young players to have passed through our football Academy sum up a value of over 47 million euros. Spain, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia… Each year the number of young atheletes passing through our academy grows as they gain a foothold in the world’s most prestigious leagues. The best among them assemble Marcet’s […]

‘The time for girls has finally arrived!’

“Nutritionist, sporting psychologist, new technologies… I wasn’t expecting all that. It has been a very professional experience”. Ana Luzardo has football running through her veins and wanted to make the most of summer to improve tactically and technically. “I was looking for a course exclusively for girls and Marcet was the only High Performance option […]

There is no lack of rivals

 In the 2018-19 season the Marcet players faced clubs such as Valencia, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Crystal Palace, in amongst others… Finding high level rivals to play against should be one of the main objectives of football academies. Competing against big clubs is vital for turning the wheel of the sporting formation […]

A more personalized help

Personal trainers use training breaks to immediately and effectively correct students. Helping players achieve their sporting objectives and making them feel as comfortable as possible during training sessions: this is the aim of personal trainers. Marcet has this service at the disposal of all students who wish to make giant bounds towards footballing excellence. “Our […]

By profession, a footballer

Tomás Bascón has fulfilled his dream and has joined the first team of The Strongest, one of Bolivia’s most celebrated clubs. Tomás Bascon is an old-fashioned battering ram. His range makes his natural habitat the penalty area, where the Bolivian striker tries to “go for the goal in any way possible”. He began to do […]

‘It’s only the beginning’

Leonardo Villar makes his debut in the Peruvian Primera División for Sport Huancayo. It was 2017 when Leonardo Villar first learned of the possibility of travelling to Europe to train in the Mecca for world football. “Alberto Masías Ramírez, director of the lower categories of Club Deportivo Universidad San Martín de Porres, told me he […]

Football DNA

Omar Ocampos is the centre-back for the Tigres, the very team that saw his own grandfather to a championship title in Mexico. Omar Ocampos has a passion for football which is practically engraved in his DNA. “My grandfather was a professional player and became Mexican league champion with Cruz Azul and Tigres. When I was […]

‘I learned everything here’

Ángel Blanco signs for Getafe’s U16 A team: “I’ll face this coming period head-on and without fear”. “At Marcet I have learned almost everything, if not everything”. The words of Ángel Blanco are of no surprise when you take into account his sporting career. The midfielder’s path at Marcet began when he was just six […]

‘I never had such demanding training’

While participating in Marcet’s Soccer Camp in Lebanon Ibrahim Khalaf secured the prize of coming to train in Barcelona for two weeks. It was his cousin who told him that Marcet was about to disembark in Lebanon. It was October 2018 and Ibrahim Khalaf was already playing for Al Ahed, the best team in the […]

Will you do your footballing homework this summer?

Resting, looking after injuries and maintaining physical shape are all key to not lose all you have worked for during the season. After 10 months of training and competition, summer also arrives for footballers and brings the holidays with it. Disconnection, enjoyment, rest, large meals… Footballers make the most of this time to do what […]

‘Marcet has helped us think differently’

The Federation of Football of Ukraine celebrates the success of Kiev’s Soccer Camp. The main objective of the Marcet Soccer Camps (MSC) is to build players and goalkeepers who are able to make the make the correct decisions on the pitch. This is the philosophy behind intelligent football: to be know the best option to […]

How to make two similar players compatible?

There are many pairs of very skilled footballers who have had to learn to share the pitch without stepping on each other toes. “A blessing in disguise.” This is what coaches usually say about their ‘bench’ when asked about the difficulties they face in having to choose eleven players for the starting line-up. When you […]

‘Football and volunteering’

Carlos Murillo takes advantage of his stay in Barcelona to collaborate with a care centre for people with disabilities. When he arrived in Barcelona to train for a year, his priorities did not include only football and studies. Carlos Murillo, a 16-year-old Panamanian midfielder, landed at El Prat airport with a personal project in his […]

High Technification course in South Carolina

New Technologies and the Matrix system will be the protagonists of the August event in Beaufort. The US is hungry for football. And it is clear that, when it comes to training, you have to bet on quality. That’s why there are more and more North American students in Marcet. And that’s why our Academy […]

‘Now I’m more independent’

Federico Pelaez, selected for the Colombian National Team: “I never thought it could come true”. When he arrived at Marcet for the first time, Federico Pelaez encountered more than he bargained for. “In the beginning I thought it was a club like any other, maybe with better installations. But when I saw the whole technical […]

A ‘Giant Step’

  Carlos Santiso celebrates becoming the coach of Rayo’s women’s team as ‘a unique opportunity’. Carlos Santiso is not bound by any singular football philosophy. “I consider myself to be a chameleonic coach. Of course we all want to have possession of the ball and win, but first things first is to analyse the team you have […]

‘Referees always have to pay the price’

Referees are exposed to verbal and even physical aggressions that harm the image of football. “That day I led a First Division match in Puntarenas. I was raised in that province and had not returned to my homeland for many years. The encounter was played at 11:00 in the morning at the Lito Pérez stadium, […]

‘I’ve learned to compete’

Jorge Bermúdez receives the call from the Puerto Rico National Team after a season at Marcet. “I was in the residence, lying on my bed and waiting for class to start, when I received a text. It was from the coach of the U17 National Team and stated that I had been selected for the […]

Football and culture in Brussels

The Marcet students leave their comfort zone thanks to an expedition that delved deeper than sports training. Making sport and education compatible has been the aim of Marcet ever since its creation. High football performance and cultural excellence go hand in hand daily at the Academy. These attributes can find themselves culminating in expeditions such […]

The value of boldness

Danil Ankudinov makes it into the Kazakhstan National Team after making some audacious decisions. The first time Danil Ankudinov contacted Marcet, he impersonated his father. He called the Academy from Tenerife, where he had been living with his mother and sister for four years. On the island he discovered football and dreamed of making the […]

How can I become the leader of my team?

Sports leadership is not only achieved through technique, but also through empathy, personality and moral authority. George Best’s Manchester United, Maradona’s Argentina, Sacchi’s Milan, Guardiola’s Barcelona, Mourinho’s Inter… every team has its own guru, its embodiment for the fans and the media. There are many ways of heading a winning project. And it is also […]

Objective: accumulate experience

Six Marcet teams take part in the Oviedo Cup along with the best youth teams in European football. At Easter many families choose to take a few free days in order to rest and switch-off, but many also decide to make the most of this leisure time through means of sport, as it is a […]

‘Here I’ve understood what real football is’

The Marcet Academy’s Indian trainees tell us why they have chosen Barcelona as a training ground. Chait Advani is preparing to face one of the most important exams of his career. In a few weeks, he will be packing his bags to journey home. Back in India, U-18s National Team trails await, to which the […]

‘I have learned to fight for my dreams’

Rodrigo gets to see football “differently” after participating in the Arequipa Marcet Soccer Camp. When Rodrigo went out to the field to train, it was still night. He was used to waking up early because when he was little his father would teach him how to throw free kicks, first thing in the day. However, […]

Train in Barcelona, keep studying in your country

Marcet’s students can be trained academically without compromising their usual educational system. Fathy lives in Barcelona but studies through a Parisian school. The French midfielder moved to Spain last year to train at the Marcet Academy. Once he had made that decision, his family was concerned about how his academic life would be affected by […]

How to be Barça’s ’10’

Goals, assists, personality… Alex Ginard hasn’t taken long to show his worth for Barça’s U-16s A team. The ex Marcet player is now a leader on the pitch. Alex Ginard will never forget the 17th of September 2016. The clouds that hid the sky at Sant Joan Despí weren’t able to hide the number 10 […]

‘The tougher the rivals, the more you learn’

Santiago Hoyos shows his appreciation for Spain’s combinational approach to football and his latest opportunities to face great teams. Santiago discovered a completely different type of football in Barcelona, an approach to the sport he was anything but familiar to. He was aware that the “Spanish way” means quick passing and one-touch plays over head-on […]

Resting is training

Getting a decent night’s sleep is as important as giving it your all out on the football pitch. Success is usually associated with effort, sacrifice and hard work. To say that without sweat there can be no self-improvement is undeniably true. But it can also lead to misunderstanding the very concept of progress. When a […]

‘Marcet was a key stage’

Christian Sanchez couples football and academic studies in the US thanks to sporting scholarships. The combining of sports and academic studies is one of the fundamental pillars and, hence, objectives here at Marcet. Christian Sánchez is a living example of this. The Venezuelan centre-back arrived in Barcelona in time for the 2015-16 season, and three […]

A natural leader

The talent and dedication of Gustavo Zelaya earned him a place with Extremadura. He returned home at Christmas to be with his family, spend time with friends and take a well-deserved rest — but Santa Claus left him something very different under the tree: the call to play for the U-17 Honduran National Team. More […]

‘I learned to open my mind’

Sofía Fernández goes through the difficulties she encountered at the beginning of her footballing journey and the satisfaction of making progress. The ability to adapt is key for any player, but may be especially important for women athletes. Women’s football still hasn’t been standardized around the world and in many countries, women who practice it […]

Global sports consulting

Marcet offers its ‘know how’ to professionals who want to specialize in football management. Visiting a football academy firsthand is the best way to see everything that goes towards the management of a training centre like Marcet‘s: a particularly interesting opportunity for industry professionals based in places without a thriving footballing community or access to […]

Football by objectives

To improve football skills you have to set personal goals and test yourself against big rivals. Osasuna, Leganés, Sporting de Gijón and Oviedo are some of the rivals that Marcet‘s teams have faced on their December tour. Games that have presented High Performance Academy‘s athletes with a unique opportunity to evaluate their personal objectives against […]

Competition for training

Matches are an invaluable educational tool for the personal evolution of Marcet’s players. Training is Marcet’s reason for being. Our Academy’s end game is discovering the true potential of each player, determining what skills need to be honed to then develop and design a clear road maps that allows our trainees to reach success. The […]

‘I’m living my dream’

Rubén Paraíso signed up for Marcet to be a professional. Today he guards the Real Madrid goal. Rubén Paraíso started training at Marcet while he was still defending the goal of Las Rozas, a club he had been at since he was 8. “I wanted to improve my technique and my parents had been told […]

GPS sensors to guide your football training


‘Now I have my chance’

Alberto Salido signed by Mallorca after the island’s scouts noticed him during a friendly match against Marcet. Alberto Salido met Marcet in Mallorca.  “In the island I did technical training every Sunday until I started going to Barcelona for the summer to participate in the intensive courses. I ended up staying all year as a […]

A different way of learning football

A new found wave of interest in New Technologies in sports education is finding its way to more and more clubs. The ways one can go about learning football are many. Ways of learning intelligent football, however, aren’t. One of these ways exists, without a doubt, within the realms of applied New Technologies, a fundamental […]

Marcet, protagonist to the catalan sport festival

The director of the Professional Programme (MPEP) rewards the centennial clubs before the crowded auditorium of CaixaForum. Every year, the elite of Catalan sport have been summoned to Barcelona to celebrate a great day for them, in which awards are given to the most outstanding people and institutions in this field. In its 21st edition, […]

Your tutor at your disposal

Each and every student has a personal advisor ready to solve problems and supervises all sporting, academic and personal progress. Absolute dedication to football comes with sacrifices. For most players, training at a High-Performance Academy means movement and having to leave the nest that was once home. Therefore, sports development must always be accompanied by […]

How to stand out in 4 days

Intensive courses are a holiday classic for all ages. So how do you get the most out of such a short amount of time? Para los más pequeños, son la mejor forma de obtener mejoras técnicas a corto plazo. Para los que se acercan a los 20 años, son fundamentales para recuperar el tono antes […]

New technologies win Peru over

The Marcet Soccer Camp comes to a conclusion with a turn out that triples the previous edition. “We had to close off inscriptions a week before the course was due to start”. Franco Sanchírico sheds light on the success the Marcet Soccer Camp in Lima has had the week of the 12th this february. “Over […]

‘A goalkeeper is not afraid to fail’

Rubén Yegba trained goalkeepers who are now in the First Division. Here he relates his personal and professional experiences in football. Rubén Yegba has a long career in Marcet. As a coach, he trained successful goalkeepers such as David Soria, Edu Frías or Javier Cendón. In this interview, the Cameroonian trainer talks about the importance […]

Why do I play well in training but bad in matches?

Performance in training is not always proportional and equitable to performance during a game. “The fittest player will be the one playing”. How many times have we heard this come from the coach? Halfway between a timeless saying and a motivational slogan, this expression means that performance in training is used to measure a player’s […]

Lopetegui, reasons and manners

The spanish bench changes the owner just one day before the World Cup starts. Which are the consequences that the players will suffer? First was the unexpected news about the sign of Julen Lopetegui for Real Madrid. Then, the dismissal of the Spanish coach and the designation of the new one: Fernando Hierro. “We had to take this decision”, […]

Recovery against the clock

Three matches in three days in Mulhouse. A demanding program that requires a specific design to reduce pressure and stress. Three matches in three days. A challenge Marcet’s finest under-18s would have to come to terms with in the french city of Mulhouse. A twelve hour coach ride away, Alsace’s unforgiving cold and first-rate rivals […]

Excelling and patience

Franco Zanelatto joins USMP’s main team after passing through Marcet’s High-Performance Academy. Franco Zanelatto has spent his entire sporting life in amongst the ranks of San Martin de Porres University (USMP). He began in the lower categories of the Peruvian club, climbed his way up to the main team, and has settled in the highest […]

Much more than just football

Three parents explain why our intensive courses go above and beyond sporting development. “Football”, “languages”, “values”, “friendships”, “fun” … These are the words most used by the parents of Marcet‘s students when telling us why they bring their children to our intensive High Technification courses. The video above reflects the experiences of three of them.. […]

Smart Football R&D

Marcet collaborates with Hannover 96 and the German company Exerlights in the implementation of new training models. Encouraging smart football and helping players to finding solutions to the problems they face in the field, by themselves. That is the mantra shared by Marcet and Hannover 96‘s methos, two football schools that have intensified their relationships […]

‘I needed a more competitive environment’

American right wing back, Mia Soma reaches “another dimension of football” in her second Barcelona experience. “I’m here because I want to improve as a footballer and for that, I simply need a more competitive environment.” Mia Soma references her stay in Barcelona. A getaway from her everyday routine, with her family by her side, […]

A test to be enjoyed

Marcet’s U-16s team faces Valencia a few weeks before starting a tour through northern Spain. Challenging big teams is a necessary step on the road to football excellence. Playing against distinguished clubs is essential for testing young players technically, tactically and psychologically. Sooner or later, those who aspire to professional football have to learn how […]

‘In Spain I can Improve’

Rudolfs Zengis is a regular on the lower categories of the Latvian National Team. When he learned that Marcet was organizing a Draft in his country, Rudolfs Zengis didn’t think twice about getting involved. “My coach told me it was a good opportunity to show what I’m worth,” recalls the Latvian midfielder, who ended up […]

The Eclecticism of football

Player, referee, analyst, coach… Abdenour Zrini has lived football from many a perspective. Speaking of Abdenour Zrini is considering football in all its declensions. Player, referee, analyst, coach… At 25, the former Moroccan right-back has racked up countless experiences that have made him all too familiar with every nuance there is to the world’s favourite […]

What you eat is how you play

Proper nutrition education is key to improving performance on the playing field. In football, nothing can be left to chance, let alone food. The intensity and physical exertion that matches and training require involve high energy expenditure that an athlete must know how to support. Proper nutrition education is key to improving performance on the […]

When football meets mathematics

Statistics are becoming a more prominent tool for experts. Both concerning signings of top players and evaluating humbler, aspiring prospects. When Esteban Cambiasso left Leicester at the end of the 2014-15 season, the Foxes were forced to sign a midfielder to replace him. The managers of the team then decided to rely on stats. The […]

Aiming for the top

David González signs for Real Madrid’s U18 after two seasons with Numancia. “I usually play in attacking midfield, but on occasions I drop back to midfield or even play as a winger. I consider myself a player with a lot of reach into the area and capable of scoring goals, but I can also make […]

The midfielder of the future

The success of Spanish football has made midfielders take on a crucial role that was practically non-existent, not so long ago. “Tell me what your midfielder is like and I’ll tell you what your team is like.” Juanma Lillo’s words explain the importance that midfielders have in contemporary football. More so, even, in recent years […]

‘I feel mentally stronger’

Jorge García, feeling ‘uplifted’ and ‘motivated’ after having signed for Real Valladolid. As a child, Jorge Garcia went through what most kids go through. “I’d started watching football matches on TV, liked it and wanted to start playing. Only thing is, I was the worst on the pitch at school so I ended up just […]

‘Humility and improvement’

A place at Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa comes with a price and for Vladimir Osipov it was understanding that he still had a lot to learn. Five years ago Vladimir and his family decided to leave their country and move to Spain. His destination was Barcelona, and the reason was football. At 12 years of […]

Marcet’s goalkeepers are playing for the best Spanish teams

Being at the forefront of researching intelligent players preparation bears fruit. These keepers show you why…. Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Villarreal, Espanyol, Rayo Vallecano, Real Valladolid… More and more First Division teams are taking on Marcet’s trainees and placing them under their goalposts. Our High-Performance Academy, developed in collaboration with professionals such as Luis […]

‘Now I trust myself’

Ilya Mikheev arrives at the Krylya Sovetov Samara youth academy after debuting in the Russian Second Division with Lada Togliatti. “I still remember my first second-division game, making the starting eleven wasn’t an easy hustle. When my coach came around to trusting me with a place on the pitch for kick-off, we had a really tough game […]

Constantly motivated

Álvaro Rodríguez signs for Huesca after leaving his comfort zone and putting his trust in formation. Back in 2017 Álvaro Rodríguez Aguado was playing in the División de Honor and was one of Adarve’s key players. In the ranks of the U-16’s first team of the side from Madrid, Álvaro had a spectacular season and […]

Collective training, individual progress

Talent may require constant hard work and progress, but it’s impossible to move forward without amassing hours of group training. Football has always been a team sport, but more so today than it has ever has been. In recent decades, strategy has taken on an increasingly important role. Trainers like Arrigo Sacchi and Pep Guardiola […]

Confidence, revived

Nam wasn’t enjoying football in South Korea. It was in Barcelona where his enthusiasm would take him to play against some of Spain’s best teams. Football was his life passion. Only, in South Korea he couldn’t do it justice. “When I was a Cadete (U-16s), I’d get a lot of injuries and was having a […]

No progress without adaptation

Shoma knew that in order to progress he had to get out of his comfort zone. That’s why he left Tokyo and traveled to Barcelona. It was Edmilson who told Shoma about Marcet. The Brazilian world champion advised him to move to Barcelona and join the High Performance Academy to achieve his football goals. The […]

Character and work

Alejandro Fernández’s place is in front of Atlético de Madrid’s defending goal posts. “My role is to provide the team with maximum security”. “I’ve missed a lot of hangouts with my friends, birthday parties, ski trips at Christmas, end-of-year trips… But I’d do just the same all over again if I had to, I’m happy […]

‘I grew as a person’

Juan García was seeking out strength and maturity. “A journey that helped me grow and reach out to Real Valladolid.” One of Juan García‘s fondest memories is a game he played against Barcelona back when he was only 12 years old, where he scored the first goal of the match. At the time, the winger […]

Serenity and game vision

“Football requires patience,” says Faysel Hinojosa, who has recently been signed by Real Valladolid. It’s a good moment in time for Real Valladolid. The spanish club has returned to the first division league after a five-year absence and Ronaldo has just become its top shareholder. Faysel, former Barça and Real Madrid forward, has brought with […]

A boundless dream

Passion and sacrifice have led Guillermo Macho to Atlético de Madrid’s main U-16s team. He defines himself as a “committed” player “lacking technical deficiencies”. Guillermo Macho can play both attacking and defending midfielder positions, and although he is about to start the season amidst the ranks of Atlético de Madrid‘s Cadete A Team, he knows […]

Security and leadership

Adrián Cova arrived in Barcelona from Venezuela, trained at Marcet for three years and ended up signing to Atlético de Madrid. “Because of his physical condition, his technique and his dedication to hard work, I think he is one of the students that will reach the highest level in football.” Coach Marcos Romero was not […]

No enemy to the ball

Álvaro Gil looks back on the football career that has taken him to Deportivo Alavés. He may well be considered an attacking player, but there’s no doubt he is capable of occupying all positions in the middle of the field. He likes to be close to the area, where he can shoot at the goal […]

Accumulator of experiences

After having played for Villarreal and Slavia Praga, Xavi Cano signed for DC United. “I’m absorbing the best of each team in order to create my own philosophy.” “I never try to impose a set style of play, on the contrary, I try to get the best out of each player and from there, together, […]

How to choose a good captain

Through effort, responsibility and communication, the team leader always has to be an example for his teammates. It is said that Tottenham is considering withdrawing Hugo Lloris‘ captaincy after the French goalkeeper was arrested for failing a blood alcohol test. According to the British press, the goalkeeper may have to hand the armband over to […]

‘It’s another world here’

After passing through Marcet, Edu Frías is now at RCD Espanyol and already training with the first team. Edu Frías is now facing an essential period in his sporting career. He has now joined a top flight club, RCD Espanyol, where he’s defending their goal for their youth academy. He’s got everything to play for […]

Boost your football potential in our Easter courses!

The holidays are an ideal time to improve by establishing clear and personalised objectives. SIGN UP HERE! In football, much like in life, you have to set goals. Progress without setting clear objectives is a dead end. Similarly dangerous to 'standardised goals', because each aspiring player is unique and has their own particular starting point. [...]

Football and books

Miguel Martín earns himself a scholarship to study in the USA, where he’ll combine a sports career with academia. Miguel Martín lleva una vida de trotamundos. Nació en Venezuela, pero pronto tuvo que mudarse a México, donde empezó a enamorarse del fútbol. Después fue el turno de Brasil, Arabia Saudí y España. En Barcelona Miguel […]

A residence for footballers

Caring for the environment in which players spend their day to day is a priority for their sporting development. The life of a football player is a constant series of changes. New teams, new countries, new partners… Adapting quickly and efficiently is essential to performing at the highest level. A swift and successful acclimatization happens […]

How to grow as an individual in football

Teams put the evolution of the whole team before individual progress. How to progress ones self in an environment that’s focused on group progression? In a team it’s not always easy to find personal space to individually progress. Training sessions are usually focused on improving the team, on making the team gel together and preparing […]

Football, languages, friends

Trym Brunmark signs for Staebek, a Norwegian First Division Club. Trym Brunmark left Barcelona only to return. His first experience at Marcet was in 2017 when he started with an intensive course and went on to sign up for the Academy’s High Performance Professional Program. Following this, he returned to Norway, where he signed for […]

An exemplary adaptation

For Oraz Atayev, making the squad of a great team meant overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. For some players, reaching a top-tier team isn’t only a sporting challenge, but also a social and cultural one. Turning football into a profession is twice as hard when destiny places home far from the world’s footballing hubs. When […]

A Top Division physio

Carlos Lozano came to Marcet as a coach and his talent took him to RCD Espanyol and then to the Chinese Super League as a physiotherapist. Carlos Lozano knows perfectly well how to take full advantage of the opportunities that life hands to him. This is the only way of becoming one of the most […]

How to earn yourself a spot in the international football scene

The Lebanese Federation works with Marcet in an ambitious program to promote football. Their participation in the Academies’ World Cup 2018 has set a before and after for the Lebanese squad. As a result of this sporting event, the Lebanese Football Federation has started putting together tryouts and training sessions throughout the country with the […]

Strength and sacrifice

Getafe defender Eduardo Rossi recalls the ‘unforgettable experiences’ he experienced at Marcet. Eduardo Rossi played for his hometown team, EFMO Boadilla. But his father was convinced that with the right training he could aspire to something greater. So he decided to sign him up for Marcet‘s intensive courses in Madrid, which Eduardo would attended for […]

‘The Incredible Frenchman’

Baptiste Dedola signs for Ajaccio after playing a vital role in the World Cup. Baptiste Dedola did not have the best initiation into football. “I was 5 years old when I started playing with my Dad,” remembers the Ajaccio player. “We would go to a pitch where all sorts of different ages would get together […]

Multipurpose power

Álvaro Aguirre, striker for Rayo Vallecano’s Juvenil A team, has every forward position under control. “The truth is I’m happy to be where I am, for now; I’m spending time on the pitch and I can’t complain at all.” Álvaro Aguirre, striker for Rayo Vallecano‘s Juvenil A, describes himself as a versatile player, capable of occupying […]

‘Now I enjoy the pressure’

Javier Cendón, ex scholar at Marcet’s Professional Program, speaks about his day to day with Villarreal CF. If you truly want something and it gets stuck in your head, you fight for it and you get the best out of yourself. It’s daily work, effort… But it’s worth it”. This is how Javier Cendón sums […]

From the streets to Barça

Bryan Ramírez spent most of his time playing footie in the streets, until a coach saw him and asked to join Marcet’s High Performance Academy. Bryan Ramírez is, without a doubt, one of the most talented players to pass through the doors of Marcet. His story is somewhat unique. As Bryan hadn’t realised the amount […]

Exchange players

Andreas and Shaun have trained at Marcet thanks to the Erasmus+ program, designed to empower the federations that need it most. Andreas was at home when his father called him to break the news. The technical director of Malta’s National Team had just called with the important news. It was time to pack. Andrea and […]

How do you train a football player on the beach?

The intensive course trainees arrive at Barcelona's beach at 10:30 hours. Here, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a very different training session to what they're used to awaits them. It's a demanding session. A gentle run for a few minutes on the sand prepares the body both physically and psychologically. Warming up is essential so that [...]

A tournament to forge teams

The U-13s National Team of Malta goes to the World Cup and sees what it really means to be and perform as a true collective. Football is a technical, tactical, competition. But also one about team spirit, coexistence and solidarity. A sport in which not everything revolves exclusively around the ball. Especially when the protagonists […]

Improve while enjoying

Giacomino Dedola signs for Grenoble after an “unforgettable” World Cup with Marcet. “We were playing a match in the Academies’ World Cup of Football and were winning 4-0. I had already scored a goal and made an assistance but had to leave the field so that another player could play. Suddenly we were losing 4-5 […]

A continuous and exhaustive evaluation

The Matrix system for the monitoring of the strengths and weaknesses of specific footballers is based on more than 140 detailed measurements. “Soccer is everything to me,” Erik Sánchez admits. A fascination that first sparked in Orlando when he was a young child. “One day, on my way home from school, I saw some older […]

Leading role on the pitch

Aitor Martos joins one of the best youth academies in Spain after three seasons at Marcet. “It was my father who brought me the news that the Alcorcón wanted to sign me. It came as no surprise. In fact, I had been doing trials for a while with this team and we were waiting to […]

‘I’m here to secure my place at Lazio’

Alessandro Barone makes the most of Marcet to show his coach that he has all the ingredients to keep playing with the Italian team. One day his uncle and grandfather took him to the Olympic Stadium in Rome to watch Lazio play. That was the moment Alessandro Barone’s passion for football sparked into life and would […]

Compete with the best this Easter

More than 20 of Marcet’s teams will be taking part in eight international championships this Easter. Here at Marcet, Easter is synonymous with tournaments. Where there is competition, there is potential for quality rivals, especially considering some of last Easter’s opponents: Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Deportivo La Coruña, Valladolid, Levante, Alavés, Rayo Vallecano, Real Zaragoza… […]

‘Practice, practice, practice’

After passing through Marcet, Cayetano Gutiérrez is signed to Levante and is called to the Norwegian National Team. Cayetano Gutiérrez Rossvaer came to Marcet to “practice, practice, practice”. At the age of 10, he decided to leave Hércules behind and join the High-Performance Academy. “The first time I came was to try out the intensive […]

Compromise and motivation

Renné Rivas has been ascending through the ranks throughout his whole life. The call from his National Team validated this progression. Renné grew up watching football on television. He was the youngest of three brothers and they played constantly. The age difference only served to egg him on. Motivation and hard work allowed him to […]

Technology that helps players think on the pitch


María’s American dream

The goalkeeper plays now in the Mexican First Division after having found in the USA the perfect option to combine sports and academic education. María’s American dream started off in the neighbourhood of Horta, Barcelona. A short distance from exit 4 of the Ronda de Dalt, where the grey asphalt finishes and the green of […]

How the keeper became a sweeper

The changes in regulation and tactical model imposed by Spain have led to a new way of understanding the role of the goalkeeper. On July 30, 2014, the Twitter account of Manuel Neuer went from having 600,000 followers to more than one million in just a couple of hours. We were in the Brazilian World […]

Footballers around the world

Today the best opportunities can be thousands of kilometres away and come in completely foreign languages. Football is not only the most popular sport in the world but one of the most globalized profession: thousands of players emigrate every year to develop their sporting careers. For a footballer, moving has ceased to be an option […]

Football from a distance

The Leader Program is designed to train players from all over the world without them having to travel to Barcelona. Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to football. Talent may be one erratic variable somewhat hard to predict, but geographical context also has a huge part in someone’s sporting development. Living far […]

An unconditional vocation

Sebastián Galles might not have made stardom as a defender, but he has just been signed by the Universidad de Chile’s club. His family had never been into football, but Sebastian always knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to his favourite sport. A vocation that he has had since as early as he […]

Marcet opened doors for me

Germán Vargas learned by the hand of N’Kono and Llopis to then be signed as a goalkeeper trainer by Costa Rica’s main club. Germán Vargas started training almost by chance. It all started in the city of Alajuela, few kilometres from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The ex-keeper was at his son’s training […]

New High Performance course for girls

Marcet is celebrating a historic season for women’s football with a camp exclusively addressed for girls between the ages of 14 and 21. This year more than 60.000 people attended the Atlético-Barça match at Wanda Metropolitano, beating the previous World record for the biggest turnout at a women’s game. This is only one of many […]

Academics through football

Luis Miravitlles went to Marcet to improve his technique and earn himself a sports scholarship for an American university. Football can open many doors. Inside and outside the world of sport. Investing in football training does not necessarily mean putting all of your eggs in one basket, but opening up your field of view to […]

Goals and speed

Andrés Mata wears the colours common to Necaxa, one of the Mexican league’s most historic clubs. César Andrés Mata Torres was only a small child when he had to move away from his family home to follow his dream of becoming a professional football player. He first left Ciudad Juárez to start his career at […]

‘I learned to play faster’

José Bolívar received a call from the Peruvian Under-20s Team after a few weeks at Marcet. He went to Barcelona to get out of his comfort zone and accustomed to a more agile type of football. José Vidal wanted to improve and take a step forward in his sports career. And in a matter of […]

‘Here, football is faster and more technical’

Two players from South Carolina highlight the differences between football in Spain and in the US. Jason and Carlos share a passion for football and they want, more than anything in the world, to become professional players. Both come from the United States and met at the Marcet Soccer Camp that was held in North […]

‘I put myself to the test’

Rodrigo Arrambide signed for José Gálvez with Peru’s first division in sight. Rodrigo Arrambide came to Marcet to improve his game and find a team to play for. “I spent six months at the High Performance Academy and when I returned to Peru I received a call from José Gálvez“, recalls the striker: “In Barcelona I broadened my […]

Ready for the future

Kenny Ongkowijaya balances football and studies in the USA after two years in Marcet. Kenny’s always been getting good grades. However, it is not his brilliant academic record that has allowed him to obtain a scholarship to study in the United States. It is thanks to football that the Indonesian midfielder is now enrolled at […]

‘I never looked back’

At 16 years of age, Alejandro Rabell already trains with Puerto Rico’s first National Team. His Mum wanted him to learn to play tennis but, racket in hand and clay at his feet, Alejandro could not help but look past the tennis court: “Just in front of the tennis club there was a football pitch […]

A complete midfielder

Enrique Peña has signed to Atlético de Madrid thanks to his talent and unprecedented dedication to football. It was his first football. A present. Enrique enjoyed it to such a degree that he started a collection of sorts. Whenever he was asked what he wanted, the boy asked for a ball. “We ended up having […]

First-rate Rivals

The 2017-18 season offered Marcet players a healthy diet of competition, pitching them up against the likes of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, Montpellier… Without competition, there would be no football. The football match is the moment that justifies and brings together the week’s blood, sweat and tears. Competing is imperative to distinguished educational platforms […]

‘I want to live off football’

Marcos Ortega Lara needed more from his training. He signed up for Marcet’s Annual Course and ended up signing to Real Madrid. The first step to real improvement is being aware of what needs to change. Progress is impossible if we are not willing to recognize that there are things we do not know. Overcoming […]

Man of the house

Sergi Ors plays his ex-colleagues at Marcet after being signed by CD Castellón. Five years is a lifetime, especially in the word of football. Even more so when said lustrum coincides with the most important years of a player’s development. Sergi Ors knows this, having first arrived at Marcet at the age of 10 to […]

Football, Studies and Values

His family was looking for sporting, academic and humane training. Today, Mario García studies a Marketing degree whilst playing for Girona. 2017 has been a historical year for Girona FC. As it has for Mario García Saiz. At the same time, the Catalan club won itself a promotion to the premier division for the first […]

United Nations works with Marcet to promote youth employment through football

The institutional collaboration aims to promote access to quality training and better opportunities for professional development. Few things mobilize young people the way football does. Its impact isn’t just sporting but also social, reaching tens of millions of people around the world. A potential that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the eyes of the United Nations, […]

Values that change lives

Learning to respect discipline both on and off the pitch was the key component in Ismael Pardo’s signing to Mallorca. His first weeks at Marcet were not easy. Ismael had to adapt to sporting and academic routines that he wasn’t used to. With time, effort and rigour, the Tarraconense forward knew just how to make […]

A privileged relationship

The meeting between Marcet’s a-team and RCD Mallorca strengthens a bond that is creating more opportunities for personal and professional development for football lovers. The plane departs on-time. At 08:40 it takes off from Barcelona-El Prat Airport and starts its journey to Palma de Mallorca. The players and the technical staff of the Under-18s’ a-team, […]

‘Now I think faster’

Derick Keizer didn’t think twice about grasping the opportunity to train in Spain after winning a sports scholarship at Marcet’s Soccer Camp in Mexico. Derick Keizer is no doubt a skilful player, with good technique and real confidence in his abilities. Virtues that showed during the Marcet Soccer Camp (MSC) that was held last autumn […]

Compete to improve

Three teams from Marcet’s High-Performance Academy meet heavy-hitting rivals at the Oviedo Cup. For Easter, some decide to take a few days off to rest and unwind, whilst others take advantage of their time off to enjoy football. Among them are the footballers that took part in the Oviedo Cup, en event that brought with […]

Far-reaching midfielder

Marco Barrero signs for Rayo Vallecano after a brilliant season with Trival Valderas. The 2018-19 season was key for Marco Barrero. Trival Valderas’ defensive midfielder had to make a difficult decision regarding his future. “At the beginning of the season, one of Getafe’s coaches called my father to say they had seen me play against […]

Right decisions

Gerard Espinalt gets a scholarship to play and study in an American university. Up until a few months ago, the US was not even on Gerard Espinalt’s horizon. “It was my last year of High School and my second year with the U-18’s,” recalls the goalkeeper. “I was about to graduate from school. But on […]

‘Europe was crucial for me’

Cristhian Abastoflor makes the Bolivian National Team and signs for a First Division club. Cristhian Abastoflor couldn’t say exactly when he started to take an interest in football because his memory simply doesn’t go that far back. “I have videos of me kicking the ball around at the age of two,” says the Bolivian athlete. […]

If it isn’t fun, you aren’t learning

Easter holiday courses are proof that a fun environment isn’t incompatible with demanding high-level sports training. School holidays are a chance for students to put their books down, rest their minds and recharge, and what better way to top it off with some football. In Barcelona and Madrid, hundreds of children made the most of […]

Every cloud has a silver lining

Obstacles in a player’s path are opportunities to further progress. The path to professional football isn’t an easy one. Adaptation problems, unexpected substitutions, serious injuries, administrative restrictions… Each player has a long line of obstacles that they have to overcome if they want to reach the top. Among the 150 students at Marcet’s High Performance […]

How to learn to communicate on the pitch

For a team to improve, it’s fundamental that its players say the right thing at the right time. “One cannot not communicate”. Pauls Watzlawick’s axioms are also applicable to what happens on the pitch. Regardless of where and how they play, players are constantly communicating with their teammates. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have […]

Football for social inclusion

The Catalan Federation of Sports for the Mentally Disabled are back to celebrate their annual championship at Marcet. Another year goes by and football has yet again proved its integrative potential at Marcet. The sheer passion for this sport unites millions of people around the globe regardless of skin color, social class or the individual […]

Football Mecca

Barcelona has become the ideal haven for football teams and academies alike that are looking for quality training all year round. Barcelona is a Mecca of sorts for the footballing world and every year that goes by, it seems more so. Not only by means of FC Barcelona’s hard earned reputation and Spain’s love for […]

A project to break through the borders

Marcet Foundation collaborates with countries on the path to footballing development through a scholarship programme for players and trainers. Malta and Lebanon have just jumped on the list of countries whose football federations are officially collaborating with Marcet. Our football academy’s Foundation has been working with national associations in all five continents for the past […]

An example of accomplishment

María Vicente talks to the students at Marcet’s High Performance Academy after winning the Heptathlon Youth World Cup. Some success stories start with defeat and disappointment. “One day, when I was little, my mother and aunt told me we off to the movies. I soon realised that they were actually taking me to an athletics […]

How rituals help footballers

Many players raise the level of their confidence through superstitions and repeated gestures. What do sports psychologists think? From always using the same boots and stepping onto the field with the right foot to not shaving until the winning streak is over would only be touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to […]

‘A good place to grow’

Shirali Ibragimov, summoned by Turkmenistan’s under-21s’ team after adapting to Spanish football. The arrival of Shirali Ibragimov to Barcelona was not an easy one. “At first I thought I couldn’t live in Spain. I was suddenly in a completely different culture, with another kind of food. Everything was different from how it is back in […]

Defeats that lead to victories

Managing mistakes is vital to a team’s progress.

How do sports stars face injuries?

Some physical setbacks can push careers in the right direction instead of finishing them. Many injuries have disastrous consequences for athletes and their professional trajectory. Some, on the other hand, can act as a spring board towards success. This was the case for Sergio Asenjo, who managed to play his part in a series of […]

Training whilst competing: the maieutics of football

If players don’t think, they’re a slave of their own shortcomings. Reaching freedom means learning to find solutions in oneself. Learning doesn’t necessarily mean receiving knowledge from the outside so much as it means waking what lies inside. The Socratic Method, one of the greatest legacies of Greek philosophy, is still very relevant today, both […]

To change or not to change

Alternating goalkeepers for big-name, top-tier clubs has shed its taboo. But is it really worth it? There was a time when the goalkeeping hierarchy was somewhat unquestionable. Main keepers had their spot on the starting eleven guaranteed, whilst their substitutes knew only too well that they would be sat on the bench for the more […]

Better football for a better world

About thirty coaches of the Arandina CF grassroots football will receive an excellence training that will cover both technical and ethical aspects. We believe trainers should be constantly educated and equipped from a scientific standpoint. Arandina CF shares this vision and has made it their objective, dedicating the next few months to developing an ambitious […]

Toe-to-toe with one of the best


‘I’m an agent. I solve problems’

Agents are starting to play a role that is ever more important. What job do they do? How much do they earn? And why do they get such bad press? These middlemen that are known as agents, haven’t’ seen much change in their job over the years. They take care of advising players with all […]

Marcet Soccer Camp en Perú

El fútbol inteligente llega a Lima en febrero. Próxima etapa, Perú. Tras las recientes expediciones en Panamá, Honduras, Haití, Bolivia, Arabia Saudí o EUUU, el Marcet Soccer Camp (MSC) está listo para aterrizar en Lima. La cita con el fútbol inteligente es del 12 al 17 de febrero 2018 y va dirigida a chicos y […]

My Team, my family

Marcet’s scholars explain why individual success comes from fellowship and team spirit. How do you stand out in a team sport? Each and every football player has asked themselves this very question. Even more so when they are young and in the earlier, learning stages of their career. Especially because trainers are constantly asking for […]

Del Bosque approves ‘Marcet philosophy’

The most successful national coach in the History of Spain says that behind Marcet there is “an exquisite way of seeing football”.  “Football as a school of values”. This is the cornerstone of “Marcet philosophy” according to Vicente del Bosque, who sees in the founding spirit of our training centre a principle able to “give […]

‘It’s fantastic to see that Academies like this exist’

Eriksson visits Marcet’s Ciudad Deportiva and gives the Professional Programme scholars advice on their future career. Sven-Göran Eriksson knows a thing to two about success in football. A clear example being his relationship with SS Lazio, a second rate Italian team which rose to the top in the 1999-2000 season, when they celebrated with a […]

24 hours in Marcet

How do the students of the High Performance Academy face the day? What do they do? The football season has just started and the first challenge for the students of the Marcet High Performance Academy is getting used to the new routine. That is to say, to live like a soccer player. The day in […]

Discover your potential in our summer courses!

The holidays are an ideal time to improve by establishing clear and personalised objectives. SIGN UP HERE! In football, much like in life, you have to set goals. Progress without setting clear objectives is a dead end. Similarly dangerous to 'standardised goals', because each aspiring player is unique and has their own particular starting point. [...]

You come for football, you leave with so much more

Two Marcet trainee parents explain why they take their children to our intensive courses. Pablo Álvarez Pincay and Alberto Trigo Maestre have been bringing their respective sons to Marcet’s intensive courses for years, but haven’t ever had the chance to meet. So we sat them down in front of our camera and let them exchange […]

Regular in the National Team

Eldar Taghizada receives the call from the Azerbaijan National Team shortly after having started at Marcet. Eldar Thaghizada fell in love with football while watching Gigi Buffon. At that time he was unaware that the same happened to his idol when he was young, while watching Tommy N’Kono during the 1990 World Cup in Italy. […]

Advices from an ‘older brother’

Experience is essential, in life as well as sport. Adapting to the footballer’s life is not easy, but it is within everyone’s reach. Jonah Stekly has started this season in a very different way than he started last year. Today he has more confidence in himself, perfectly at ease in his role as a player […]

Marcet looks for talent in Latvia

Talent can be found everywhere but for now, Marcet has its eyes on Latvia. Many of football’s role models agree: Barcelona is one of the best places to train as a footballer. Therefore, Marcet continues to open its doors to young players from around the world to experience what it means to train in our Professional […]

‘Four unforgettable years’

Erik and Leandro start their Italian ‘Eccellenza’ after a season full of trips, prestigious tournaments and high level opponents. Erik Aguado and Leandro González are still training together, like last year. They are playing in a different category, team and country. But will both continue to wear the same colours as each other. Italian football […]

Guided by his brother

Abdul Knight achieves captaincy for Panama’s national team after taking part in a Marcet Soccer Camp. For every pass, shot, and centre, Abdul’s thoughts are with Axel. Axel was always a powerful core of motivation for Abdul’s path towards professional football. Naturally, after passing away his flame of inspiration burned brighter than ever. Axel sees […]

“A question of intensity”. Why a father took his child to Marcet

“Two weeks can’t turn anyone into the best player in the world, but I want to know whether my son can become a professional footballer”. The first time Ernest took to his son to a professional football match in New York, young Jason decided that football was going to be his future. From there it […]

The World Cup comes to Marcet. Challenge the best!

Training and competition go hand in hand in a tournament in which the football academies of teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Milan have participated. The Academies’ World Cup of Football is the international tournament that has been exciting players from all over the world for more than 30 years. With Europe’s most renowned teams […]

Celebrating university sports

Marcet hosted five-a-side football, football and rugby matches for the Inter-university World Championships 2017. University sports perfectly illustrates how Marcet’s two main philosophies come together: physical activity and academics. Precisely that being the reason our installations hosted the third edition of the Inter-university World Championships this November, in which hundreds of young up-and-comers from all […]

Pride and clear thinking

Miquel didn’t think twice about hanging up his boots to take on the life of a trainer. Today he leads goalkeeper training at Girona FC. Miquel Colldecarrera Badosa is responsable for Girona FC’s goalkeepers. He is also a prime example of how one can find a gratifying and fulfilling career path by way of passion […]

Marcet closes the Calderón with New Technologies

The new technology department introduced it’s latest technological advancements at an event organised by the King of Spain. It’s the last time in football history that a ball will be kicked around inside the Vicente Calderón. We’ve witnessed over half a century of football and glory. What was the home of Altético de Madrid was […]

How to get a footballer’s physique

Optimising muscle development is within everyone’s reach thanks to last generation technology and a meticulous work-plan. Having an athletic build is a necessity when aspiring to professional football. Technology can be an invaluable ally when sculpting a toned and athletic physique. Thanks to a specialized bio-impedance scale designed for high performance sports professionals, Marcet’s physical […]

How is a Marcet trainer?

‘When you see the kids leaving happy, then you know that the work you’ve done was worth it’. Rubén Martí has been at Marcet for over 20 years. He started when he was finishing his degree in Physical Education and he’s been through almost all of the phases that the football academy has been through. […]

‘Discipline is fundamental’

Caleb Rubio is signed by Houston Dynamo after four years of training at Marcet’s High Performance Academy. On the 30th of July, Caleb Rubio will be Houston Dynamo’s newest under-18s player. He will be leaving his Honduran homeland to wear the uniform of a Major League Soccer (MSL) team in the USA. By no means […]

Pro football: a world of possibilities

It is easy to discard football as a viable professional career, but – once you widen your world – you realise it is worth considering Marcet footballers widen their world. It is very important to understand that football – as a global phenomenon – is a global market. In Marcet, young players learn how to turn a […]

Different goals, same course

Alfonso and Antonio have been two of the main characters at the 2017 Barcelona Challenge. They have very different profiles, but the exact same love of football. Alfonso is Spanish, a goalkeeper and plays for a top club. Antonio is from the States, a striker and plays for his academy’s side. Their profiles and goals […]

‘Here we live on football’

Erik and Leandro start their Italian ‘Eccellenza’ after a season full of trips, prestigious tournaments and high level opponents. Leandro González and Erik Aguado are still training together, like last year. They are playing in a different category, team and country. But will both continue to wear the same colours as each other. Italian football […]

There’s always margin for improvement

Even consolidated players in top flight clubs take advantage of the summer to improve and return to their respective clubs stronger and technically ready. “I came to this intensive summer course to work on my technique. My teammates prefer to rest during the summer, but I’m ambitious and I want to become a professional”. Just […]

The freedom of choosing

The freedom of actually choosing a club is a privilege that very few footballers in training get to experience. Even fewer have had offers put on the table by two historical Spanish clubs. In this case, Cádiz CF and Granada CF. Paco Benítez (Huelva, 2002) has worked hard, and always known exactly what to strive […]

Two national teams for Juan David

Double nationalty often means a dilemma for players who want to be international. Juan David Fuentes, this week, is having a week he’ll remember forever and will probably result in a very crucial decision in his promising athletic career. The current FC Barcelona U-15s forward received a call from Spain’s U-15s to go to Madrid […]

Special Autumn Courses

This year there is no need to wait for Christmas to sign up for the an intensive course at Marcet. Autumn is full of changes, one of these is a new footballing encounter aimed at players and goalkeepers between the ages of six and thirteen. The course starts on the 30th of October and finishes […]

In search of 360 degree coaching

Bader al Amri has started to work with Marcet to prove to his fellow countrymen that doing sports and studies are more than compatible. Bader al Amri is developing an ambitious football coaching project in Saudi Arabia. As the director of Artal Sports he travels around the world to get to know first hand which […]

A ‘huge potential’

Marcet youth academy player since 2009, just entered the world of professional football after signing for CD Olímpic de Xàtiva. Arthur Joël Bessong Diam just entered the world of professional football with help from Marcet. He’s been an academy player here at Marcet for many years, the young Cameroonian came to Barcelona thanks to a […]

In search of defenders

Centre backs with attacking attributes are in high demand by clubs. What are football scouts doing to find them? They’re responsible for kids changing teams each year. Grassroots talent depends on them to get into top teams. Armed with a camera, paper and a pen, they travel around grounds in search for the next Messi. […]

Scoring through symmetry

Through structural analysis it’s possible to conduct a diagnostic of the physical asymmetries that have a damaging impact on the biomechanics of a player. What’s Sergio Ramos’ secret to scoring so many headed goals? Why is Cristiano Ronaldo so effective in front of goal? Part of the answer to these questions lay in the perfect […]

A consequential triangular

FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol and Fundación Marcet pay tribute to Javier Marcet with a triangular that has written one of the happiest pages in the Spanish football community. It was a genuine football gala, as respects were paid to one of the best footballers from 50s. The 1st Javier Marcet Memorial closed with a triumph […]

The match of my life

When Danny got hit with a ball, he could never of imagined that from that hit he would be diagnosed with what nobody wants to hear: testicular cancer. When Danny got hit by a ball during a clash in the Segunda Catalana Division, he never imagined that it was going to be anything more than […]

The Kings Chef

An ex chef of one of the most prestigious restaurants in Barcelona explains the rules he follows to prepare food for the players at Marcet. Contrary to popular beliefs, a footballers diet shouldn’t really differ from anybody else’s. The difference is that athletes follow a strict diet, that’s different from most, simple due to the […]

How to strengthen after an injury

Football is sweat, passion and amusement. Training sessions, matches, goals, saves… But also physical pain and forced breaks. Both in grassroots as well as professional football, it’s strange that a player doesn’t suffer from an injury during the length of their career. Knowing how to heal and recover correctly from these situations is key for […]

What to do if a footballer passes out?

In football there is always the possibility of passing out after a collision. Not all players are trained in first aid. Second of March 2017. Riazor stadium. There are a few minutes left before the referee blows the full time whistle when Alex Bergantiños and Fernando Torres both jump to get their heads on the […]

Over 30 Marcet students selected for trials

Barça, Valencia or Betis were a few of the destinations in the 16-17 season. Trials are an opening to any football club. These “football exams” – of which we talk about carefully in this article: ‘How can I tryout for a big club?’ – are more intense towards the end of a season, when the […]

Goalkeepers, football rebels

They are isolated from their teammates, they train on their own, they follow different rules. There are very few sports that have extraordinary players like goalkeepers. Being a goalkeeper is not like being any other player. Keepers have the most delicate position in a team. Their errors have huge consequences. In a match they can […]

How can I tryout for a big club?

To be successful in a tryout you need to show more that tactical and technical qualities, it’s also important to show great behaviour off the pitch. A player can get into a club via various routes: by the head coach’s knowledge of the player, by being in demand by a club, or simply due to […]

Why is advanced technology useful in football?

Thanks to the use of these technologies in training players have the opportunity to eva-luate themselves and find out how to correct their errors in a question of minutes. Advanced technology is a very wide concept. When talking about this subject in football the controversial subject of automated referee decisions comes to mind or the […]

How to stand out in 4 days

Intensive football courses are a holiday classic for all ages. So how do you get the most out of such a short amount of time? For younger trainees, it’s the best way to improve technical abilities in a short space of time. For those who are closer to 20, they’re vital to get back into […]

An ‘unimaginable feeling’

Ahmed Elsawy is over the moon after receiving the call from the Egyptian U18 squad. Ahmed Elsawy has always had his feet on the ground. Now football is his life, but as a child he did not dream of reaching professional football. Everything changed when he signed his first contract with El-Entag El-Harby, one of […]

The revolution of astroturf

Astroturf is not at a testing phase anymore. After decades of experimentation and technological development, today it is clear that synthetic grass has succeeded and will remain in History as one of the main achievements to democratise football. A simple walk around any city in Spain is enough to realise what astroturf means for football […]

‘A game is an opportunity’

Sébastien Lauture, a 17 year old Haitian centre back, has just signed for Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa following a 3 year spell with Marcet. Sébastien Lauture was only 14 when he told his mum that he wanted to leave home, his town and his country. He had just returned from a trip to Barcelona, which […]

“Marcet opened my mind”

He came to Fundación Marcet to make the jump to professional football and now he’s sharing a changing room with players that have competed in FIFA World Cups. Juan Chang has just signed for Canterbury United FC and isn’t able to hide his happiness: “Thanks to god, I now have the chance to play in […]

“Football is a lot of work and sacrifice”

Toribio knows up close what the highest categories football are about and knows that the reality for professional footballers is all about “blood, sweat and tears”. Dani Toribio knows what football is all about. For the good and the bad. In the past 10 years he’s been through all categories, from the Tercera División with […]

Resolve and Consistency

Juan Ignacio O’Neill stands put as a player that works hard. An attribute that made Recreativo de Huelva take notice of him. Juan Ignacio O’Neill came to Marcet in 2014 taking advantage of the easter holidays to see first hand what Marcet’s High Performance Academy was all about. In September of the same year, the […]

A triumphant return

Nikita left his birthplace at 13. In his home of Yekaterinburg, around 2000km east of Moscow, he couldn’t make his dream come true. He decided that Barcelona and ideology of Spanish football was the best place for him to complete his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Five years and a lot of training sessions […]

A dream come true

Juan Ignacio O’Neill and Mario Oronoz have been called up to Puerto Rico’s national squad after being scholars at Marcet for 2 years. Mario and Juan got to Barcelona in Abril 2014. Their objective was to take advantage of the easter holidays to see what Marcet’s High Performance Academy had to offer. After a few […]

‘Out of my comfort zone’

Canadian goalkeeper Félix Clapin-Girard came to Granada FC ‘pursuing something important’. Félix started playing football age 3. “It worked from the start, I liked it from the beginning”, recalls the Canadian keeper. “I started my career at Dynamo de Hull, I then played for Ottawa Fury and US Colomiers. Afterwards I decided to go to […]

Corpore sano

Before and after an intensive course, it’s essential to prepare beforehand to be able to enjoy each day and avoid injuries.. During the holidays is an ideal time to take part in an intensive summer football course. What’s better than spending the whole day with the ball at your feet and alongside many others who […]

Whether you know how to play football or not… Gift it!

A good football course is a comprehensive training opportunity to develop skills that go beyond sport. SIGN UP HERE! If football is their passion, it's the perfect gift for them. Practising sports is a healthy and fundamental habit and because a football course is a comprehensive training opportunity, they will be working towards individually set [...]

To the national squad

Giancarlo Coto, along with Zelaya and Barahona, are three of Marcet’s players who have been called up to the Honduran U-17s squad.as. “I’m now only thinking about what’s next”. That’s what Arnold Barahona affirmed a week ago, after a game where Marcet’s academy players lost against Atlético de Madrid. His deception was short-lasting. What came […]

Don’t let football stop you from studying (and vice versa)

Finding a balance between sports education and academic education is key for young footballers. He had to leave his friends, family and country to make his dream come true. And he didn’t doubt for a second. Krishna wanted to become a professional footballer and decided that Barcelona was the best place to do it. Football […]

How to tackle the pressure of a tournament?

Mental strength is a key part for any footballer who wants to maximise their potential. A tournament is always a challenge. Even more so when it comes to one of the best competitions in Spanish grassroots football, which is the Oviedo Cup. “In any learning phase it’s important that our scholars start discovering how they […]

Sign up for Summer courses

Summer is an ideal time to improve by establishing clear and personalised objectives. SIGN UP HERE! In football, much like in life, you have to set goals. Progress without setting clear objectives is a dead end. Similarly dangerous to 'standardised goals', because each aspiring player is unique and has their own particular starting point. But [...]

Redemptive football

Ismael had talent, but wasn’t showing up to training sessions or school, he preferred the streets. Until football gave him the stability he was looking for. Ismael was passionate about football. From a young age he proved it on the streets of Campo Claro, an industrial neighbourhood in the west of Tarragona. Discipline wasn’t his […]

How Marcet changed history in North Korea

Everything started with an amazing trip to Pyongyang and ended with a North Korean win in the U-16s Asian Cup All eyes are on North Korea at the moment. Documentaries, news reports, articles… The mysterious country that is isolated to the rest of the world is attracting more and more people that are interested in […]

Kick stress out of your game

Psychologists explain how to prevent the pressure of an environment or the fear of committing errors that have a negative influence on a performance. Sport helps combat stress. But sometimes it can be the cause of it. Especially in football, where it is not always easy to manage competitive tension properly. These negative emotions run […]

Spanish Derby in Asia

Fundación Marcet’s North Korean youth players win the U-16s Asian Cup in a clash against South Korean side led by Barça’s youth players. The U-16s Asian Championships that have just been held in Thailand were a luxurious shop window for Fundación Marcet’s youth players, they have turned themselves into true stars in the tournament. The […]

Ten ways chess can help you be a better footballer

Marcet has implemented an original and appealing formula to develop and train a footballer’s intelligence through chess. All players are assigned a few hours a week to master the technique of this complete game with the goal of taking all of the skills gained onto the football pitch. We found out some time ago that […]

Lesson number one: learn how to learn

Psychologist Rafael Rodríguez-Soler works with the coaches to encourage the use critical thinking in the football learning process of scholars. When it comes to developing talent in sports not any strategy is valid. Repetition of technical aspects and tactical plans are important to progress, but it’s not enough. If the aim is to learn new […]

A site for football lovers

For 40 years, Marcet is and has been at the cutting edge of football innovation. There is not an organisation that has developed knowledge about this sport at the same length and depth. Our commitment is not only to accumulate it, but also (even more importantly) to pass it on. This new website has been […]

An unstoppable career

Physical preparation coach Alberto Muñoz has just been signed by Marbella FC: ‘It’s an excellent opportunity and I’m happy with this challenge’. When Alberto Muñoz received the call from the Marbella FC, he didn’t doubt for one second. “It’s a team in the Segunda División B, that at the moment is in the playoff positions. […]

A sought-after profile

El Levante UD ficha para cuatro temporadas a Israel González, central zurdo con unas características que le hacen ser diferente a la mayoría de los defensas. It was a typical afternoon at Marcet’s Academy. Israel was training with the U-16s A team and whilst they were having a tactical lesson the “gaffa” received a phone […]

Javier Marcet

Although he played for some of the best teams in Spain, ‘El Maestro’ never let his athletic career get in the way of his academic education. Francisco Javier Marcet Mundó (Barcelona, 1928) played for RCD Espanyol, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF. When was on the pitch he started as a striker then was converted […]

Sign up for our Christmas courses

The holidays are an ideal time to make progress thanks to an intensive football course. Improve your technique, improve yourself, learn to make correct decisions on the field, regain your physique before returning to the competitive period… Each age category has their specific priorities and each scholar has their own personal goals, but no footballer […]

The long-awaited match

Sometimes it seems that you spent your life getting ready for a match that will set your course as a footballer. “In your football careers, there are very important moments, and this is one of those. These are opportunities that won’t come back. You must understand that this is not going for a ramble”. Nicholas […]

Sign up for our Spring Break courses

The holidays are an ideal time to make progress thanks to an intensive football course. Improving technique, surpassing themselves, learning to make the right decisions on the pitch, taking part in international tournaments and facing Europe’s most prominent teams… Different priorities come with different ages and each student has their own personal objectives, but there […]

Another way of living football

A Colombian man, both blind and deaf, develops a language that allows him to understand what happens on the pitch. Football is a constant process of overcoming and growth. Not only for the players but for the fans as well, especially those that aren’t able to follow the team closest to their hearts. Much like […]

Sign up for our Spring Break courses

The holidays are an ideal time to make progress thanks to an intensive football course. SIGN UP! Improving technique, surpassing themselves, learning to make the right decisions on the pitch, taking part in international tournaments and facing Europe’s most prominent teams… Different priorities come with different ages and each student has their own personal objectives, [...]

Get ready for Spring Break tournaments

Each player will be summoned to the championship that best fits their capabilities. This Spring Break Marcet High Performance Courses will take you to the best tournaments in Spain. Each player will have the option to participate in an international championship and face great teams from Europe and the rest of the world. The first […]

A radical transformation

With positive attitude and dedication Alejandro Torres has turned himself into an elite athlete and has been called-up to Bolivia’s U-20s squad. “Hard work has its rewards”. That was the first thing Alejandro Torres Suárez thought when, in June of 2016, he was signed by CE Sabadell. He didn’t realise that shortly after there was […]

A perfect free kick

The Argentine Facundo Cascio scored a fantastic goal from a direct free-kick with Mons Calpe SC From Argentina to Spain, then Spain to the USA and finally from the USA to Gibraltar. In less than two years, Facundo Cascio has lived in four different countries. A pilgrimage that has ended up with him wearing the […]

A complete course

The Talent Cup combines training and competition and is for many the gateway to Marcet’s High-Performance Academy. Training and competition at the highest level. No football course combines these two facets like Marcet Talent Cup, which kicks off every summer with camps for people over 13 years of age. It’s, if anything, a demanding experience […]

A tournament rich easter

Inter, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Villarreal… Marcet squads went up against some of the best clubs in Europe in four tournaments. Easter tournaments were held in Milan and various Spanish cities. Over 200 players left Barcelona to take part in high level championships and, above all, taught highly valuable lessons. Of the twelve sides that […]

Soccer Camp in South Carolina

New Technologies and the Matrix system will be the protagonists of the December event in North Myrtle Beach. The US is hungry for football. And it is clear that, when it comes to training, you have to bet on quality. That’s why there are more and more North American students in Marcet. And that’s why […]

A dream debut

Giorgi Khabuliani makes a mark in his debut for the Georgian National Team. A call from the National Team is a pivotal moment in the sporting career of a footballer. This is how Giorgi Khabuliani feels and he cannot hide his pride at the prospect of donning his country’s kit for the first time, “I’m […]

Record in Serie A

Han Kwang-song arriva alla Juve dopo essere diventato il primo calciatore norcoreano a segnare nel massimo campionato italiano. Quando Han Kwang-song segnó di testa contro il Toro, il suo fu un gol storico. Per la prima volta un giocatore della Corea del Nord scriveva il suo nome sul tabellino dei marcatori di una partita di […]

‘Motivated’ and ‘happy’

Anderson came to Barcelona to play in Europe. Today he does so in the Malta Premier League. When Anderson first arrived at Marcet, what surprised him most were the training methods. “It was all very specifically aimed. I remember there were sessions that only focused on the defensive line, as well as single player sessions. […]

An avalanche of goals

Enrique Lebronze signs for Valladolid after putting away 40 plus goals for the Torrejón U12’s. He started kicking a ball around at age three. “Everyone in the neighborhood played football, it was always the main sport,” recalls Enrique Lebronze, who scored more than 40 goals in the Torrejón ranks last year. An average of this […]

Football boldness

He had his first training session at age 10. Today, Jolvis Sosa plays in Venezuela’s First Division. His uncles inspired him to want to play football. First his Uncle Gregorio, who he always saw playing with his neighbourhood team. Then Uncle Giancarlo, who motivated him to join his first team. “I had already turned 10 […]

To the USA via Barcelona

Santiago Hernández Riaño takes advantage of his football training to study in Kansas thanks to an athletic scholarship. “I never thought I’d get to play and study in the US, but this is the only country where you can combine both. Santiago Hernández Riaño found in Kansas the path he was looking for, and he […]

Four ‘amazing’ years

He arrived at Marcet without knowing how to get the ball off the ground. Today Akzhol plays for the U15 National Team of Kazakhstan. His first weeks in Barcelona were not easy. “The truth is that at first it was quite hard because I had to make new friends, meet new coaches, learn new disciplines, […]

‘Marcet is like a family to us’

Due to the concern about the coronavirus, Marcet implements new measures to follow the guidelines of the health authorities. Given the concern about the coronavirus, Marcet wants to send a message of normality. At this academy we are concerned about the health of our students throughout the year, regardless of the circumstances. Thanks to this […]

Kazakh Pride

Valeriy Valmeri, selected for his U15 National Team during his second year at Marcet Academy. Valeriy Valmeri has just got back from the gathering of the U15 National Team of Kazakhstan. It was his first taste of action with the national side and the midfielder cannot hide his excitement, “It was an honour to wear […]

‘Education is forever’

Milosz Fernández earns an academic and sporting scholarship at Macalester College. Before training in Barcelona, Milosz Fernández had already played in the lower categories of Atlas and Pumas, two elite teams of Mexican football. Nevertheless, while at these teams he never got to play an official match. “As I was born in the US I […]

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