Álvaro Aguirre, striker for Rayo Vallecano’s Juvenil A team, has every forward position under control.

“The truth is I’m happy to be where I am, for now; I’m spending time on the pitch and I can’t complain at all.” Álvaro Aguirre, striker for Rayo Vallecano‘s Juvenil A, describes himself as a versatile player, capable of occupying all forward positions. “My greatest virtue is power, my biggest flaw, the defense.”

Q.- How did you fall in love with football?

R.- It came out of nowhere really. I started kicking a ball around with my father and sooner or later it ended up snowballing into my dream.

Q.- Why did you sign up for Marcet’s courses?

R.- I was 14 years old and was already playing for Alcobendas Levitt, but it never hurts to learn about what one likes. I did two intensive summer courses, about fifteen days each. I also went to two tournaments that took place in Castellón and Oporto. I have a load of anecdotes, all good memories and laughs with my former colleagues on those trips.

“Thanks to marcet I learned a lot of what makes me the type of player I am todaY”

Q.- How do you feel about Marcet’s training method?

R.- Practice was different to what I was used to. We focused a lot on technical and tactical aspects of training. I learned a lot of what makes me the type of player I am today.

Q.- How did you know that Rayo was interested in signing you?

R.- The sports director told my family and then they took it upon themselves to tell me. Obviously, it was a special day, taking that step towards a career in football was the best thing that could happen to me.

Q.- What else have you found gratifying about football?

R.- Other than getting signed, I remember winning the regional league back when I was eleven or twelve. I have to say that I feel privileged to have played against big international teams. And for all the friends that I’ve made thanks to football, which have hardly been few.

Q.- Objectives?

R.- Keep learning, short and long term progress. And obviously dedicate myself to professional football without forgetting about my academic studies.