Dreams of greatness


Álvaro Cabrera, determined to make history with the Dominican Republic, seeks to make his mark in professional and international football.

Dominican player Álvaro Cabrera defines himself as a defensive midfielder with diverse skills on the field: “I like to control the ballfind spacetake free-kicksdispute aerial duels, and make defensive actions,” he confidently shares.

Despite his young age (born in 2006), his football journey spans from the Atlético de Madrid Foundation to the Barça Academy, and he has represented his country in the U-15 and U-17 national teams.

Álvaro posing with his teammates during his experience at Barca Academy.

In October 2022, Álvaro found his path to Marcet thanks to friends already in the Academy. Since then, he has lived unforgettable experiences, such as “winning the MadCup 2023, playing Champions League matches, and the day-to-day life at the foundation,” states the Dominican player.

When asked about his learnings at Marcet, Álvaro highlights an integral growth as a footballer: “I have felt improvement in all aspects: skills, psychological, tactical, and discipline to getting the work done.”

Growth: In Marcet, Álvaro emphasizes his comprehensive development as a footballer.

Representing his country in the U-15 and U-17 national teams is an experience that fills him with pride: “It’s the best feeling you can have, doing what you love and carrying your country in your heart.”

The young footballer is full of dreams regarding the international stage. Still, one stands out: “I want to lead my country to participate in a major World Cup,” he confidently asserts. Although his nation has yet to compete in one, the qualification for the U-20 World Cup in 2023 (their first in history) invites Dominicans to dream big.

Álvaro, proudly representing the Dominican Republic. Dreams of a World Cup.

With determination and passion, Álvaro heads towards a future as promising as it is uncertain. However, the young talent has clear goals: “To become a professional footballer and take my country as high as possible in this sport.”

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