Constantly motivated


Álvaro Rodríguez signs for Huesca after leaving his comfort zone and putting his trust in formation.

Back in 2017 Álvaro Rodríguez Aguado was playing in the División de Honor and was one of Adarve’s key players. In the ranks of the U-16’s first team of the side from Madrid, Álvaro had a spectacular season and abandoning it all at that point might have seemed crazy. Despite this, Álvaro decided to aim higher and move to Barcelona to join Marcet Professional Program. The opportunity to compete against some of the best Spanish and International teams helped propell his decision which turned out to be the right move, as it enabled the midfielder to sign for Huesca.

Question.- How did they find out about you?

Answer.- Towards the end of the 2017-18 season we went to play against Huesca in one of the many organized matches with Marcet. I really looked forward to it and gave it my very best during the meeting, as I also have family roots from that area. So they saw me play and shortly after proposed I go to play for and study in Huesca. Then it all happened and turned out to be a great reward.

Álvaro Rodríguez se enfrenta al Huesca con el Juvenil A Marcet.
Álvaro Rodríguez faces Huesca with Marcet’s U-18 A team.

Q.- How is playing in the División de Honor with this team?

A.- Being a part of this club means being constantly motivated. You soon realize you are working with amazing professionals and that you are surrounded by excellent teammates who add to the whole experience. I feel really happy and want to continue improving every day.

“My experience at Marcet marked a before and after. There I learned to play a different kind of football”

Q.- What sort of player are you?

A.- I usually play central-midfield, although I sometimes play on the wing. I think my playing style has more to do with my individual technique and collective tactics rather than intensity and aggressive attacking. I like the ball to circulate quickly and always try to measure my passes well.

Q.- Did you learn to play like this at Marcet?

A.- My experience at Marcet without a doubt marked a before and after. I learned to play and understand football in a very different way to how I conceived it before. I found myself surrounded by an amazing network of trainers and technicians who showed me concepts I didn’t even know about. I began to understand High Performance football and learn how to move both with and without the ball, to play with and for the team, but also how to enjoy the game in order to get the most out of it. Moreover, I got to play at the highest level of competition by playing against different national and international sides on a weekly basis, as well as playing in some of the best youth team tournaments.

Álvaro conduce la pelota en un partido contra el Atlético de Madrid.
Álvaro dribbles the ball in a match against Atlético de Madrid.

Q.- And other than football? What else did your experience in Barcelona bring you?

A.- It was a very complete year in every aspect and not only on a sporting level but also a personal one. Being far away from my family made me value many things. I learned to share and live with other people, to respect and support others. I also made some great friends from all over the world.

Q.- Once the season was over, you had to fight an unexpected enemy…

A.- I got a serious infection that took quite some effort to cure, but my eagerness to train and get better every day helped me recuperate quicker than what was expected. Being able to combine training and treatment made the whole situation easier to bare.

Q.- Is it possible to learn from sickness?

A.- I had a clear objective: never stop training and that was my best medicine. I got stronger and fought to continue playing football. Over those few months I learned to control my emotions. Now I see how a person’s objectives can effect their well-being.

Álvaro durante un partido contra el RCD Espanyol.
Álvaro, during a match against RCD Espanyol.

Q.- And what are your objectives now?

A.- I’m combing football with university. I’ve started my first year studying Journalism with the aim of one day becoming a sports journalist. But, for now I want to continue playing football and improving everyday.

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