An unstoppable career


Physical preparation coach Alberto Muñoz has just been signed by Marbella FC: ‘It’s an excellent opportunity and I’m happy with this challenge’.

When Alberto Muñoz received the call from the Marbella FC, he didn’t doubt for one second. “It’s a team in the Segunda División B, that at the moment is in the playoff positions. It’s an excellent opportunity and I’m happy with the challenge that will come with it”, says Marcet’s High Performance Academy’s ex physical preparation coach.

Muñoz came to Barcelona at the beginning of the season and he didn’t doubt it for one second either. “When I got news of the offer I didn’t have to think too much about it. I needed to continue to improve, and what better option than coming here to Marcet”, the preparation coach from Almería tells us. “I’d heard of Fundación thanks to its history, but I didn’t know in full detail about what they were doing. And to be honest, I found their project here to be spectacular”.

According to Muñoz, “there are very few clubs, including top division clubs, that follow the methodology they have here, with the equipment and facilities available. Because nowadays it’s hard for a physical preparation coach to work with pleasure and, especially, to have stability. In the world of football today the primary objectives are speed and results. Today you’re here, tomorrow you might not be”.

During his time in Barcelona, Muñoz was able to gain experience against first level rivals. “Marcet has given me the opportunity to get to know other important sports clubs like Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Rayo Vallecano, Getafe, Levante… We’ve played against teams with big names and going up against clubs of these categories always gives you that little bit of extra motivation”.

A look into Muñoz’s Résumé it clearly leaves you with the sense that for him it’s essential to progress and get more out of himself. Before working at Marcet, Marbella FC’s preparation coach studied to become a Physical Education teacher in his home city of Almería. In Granada he received his bachelor’s degree and started working in the lower levels of the main club in the Andalusian city. After he did a Master’s degree in investigation and another in Physical preparation and rehabilitation from injuries.

What he was looking for, and is still looking for, is to constantly move forward, and have an unstoppable career. “For me, coming to Marcet was a way to continue to grow and get better on a personal level. From there I knew that new offers would come my way. I wanted this to be a stepping stone, and it has been”.

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