‘Motivated’ and ‘happy’


Anderson came to Barcelona to play in Europe. Today he does so in the Malta Premier League.

When Anderson first arrived at Marcet, what surprised him most were the training methods. “It was all very specifically aimed. I remember there were sessions that only focused on the defensive line, as well as single player sessions. Everything was very personalized. I had never seen this anywhere and it really left a mark on me”.

Anderson Nascimento decided to leave Brazil in 2014 with the aim of breaking through in European football. After training in Marcet and testing himself in several mid-level teams, both in Spain and in his country, the centre-back now plays in the Malta Premier League, where he sports the colours of Senglea. “I had some good seasons, but I didn’t expect this signing. For me it means a lot to be able to play in Europe again.”

Anderson is a central defender, but he can also move to the sides to play as full-back or move forward to occupy the sweeper position. Physical strength, forcefulness and dominance of the air game are the main virtues of a player whose love for the sport arose from his family. Specifically, from his father, who always took him to watch his amateur games and eventually signed him up for indoor football.

“AT MARCET Everything was very personalized. I had never seen this anywhere and it left a mark on me””

At Marcet’s High Performance Academy, Anderson finished cultivating his talent and began to get used to the pace of the First Division. “In Barcelona I was already practising the life of an elite footballer. I learned so many things at Marcet. I remember the technical talks with Franco Sanchírico… The motivating talks of the president… In Barcelona many things happened that marked me as a footballer… And I still carry them with me! “

Now Anderson is “happy” in Malta. He considers the 2019-20 season with Senglea as a great opportunity, a springboard to make the final leap: “I am motivated to achieve my goals. I want to reach the First Division of a country with a great footballing tradition. I want to have that opportunity for later work and go as far as possible.”

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