‘I learned everything here’


Ángel Blanco signs for Getafe’s U16 A team: “I’ll face this coming period head-on and without fear”.

At Marcet I have learned almost everything, if not everything”. The words of Ángel Blanco are of no surprise when you take into account his sporting career. The midfielder’s path at Marcet began when he was just six years old: “I used to attend the intensive Summer, Christmas and Easter courses in Madrid. After, I started the Annual Course. Since then I haven’t stopped coming. When it wasn’t in Madrid I would come to Barcelona”.

On a club level, Ángel started playing for Naya and then moved to Alcalá, a team from Madrid that witnessed his growth. Here he spent five years, until one day, after training, his coach took him to one side and broke the news that Getafe were interested in him. Excellent news for the midfielder, who had dreamed of reaching professional football ever since he was little.

“If I want to make it I have to make sacrifices because there are a lot of people with the same dream”

I’ll face this coming period head-on and without fear”, assures the player from Madrid, shortly after a training session in Barcelona, who has once again come back to prepare for his debut with Getafe U16’s. “I want to keep improving because there is always room for progress. Specifically, I need to improve my receiving of the ball and playing with my left”.

Ángel Blanco prueba una chilena durante un curso intensivo en Barcelona.
Ángel Blanco tries a bicycle kick during the intensive course in Barcelona.

“Most clubs concentrate on working on strategies and useful aspects concerning the weekend matches. While at Marcet they put a lot of emphasis on technique, physical training, making psychological choices, etc… It’s a more rounded approach”, explains Ángel, who is conscious of the sacrifices he will have to make if he wants to reach the elite footballing level. Starting with his holidays, when he will have to train if he doesn’t want to reach his appointment with Getafe out of shape.

“I’m going to Las Vegas with my family. We chose a hotel with a gym and football pitch close-by. I’ll be motivated to train because football is what I like best, even more than holidays. I’m used to making sacrifices. I always take care of what I eat and every Friday I see my friends going out, while I have to go to bed early. If I want to have any hope in football, it’s what I have to do, because there are so many people that want the same as me”.

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