The ultimate brace


Ansony Frías wins the Panamanian Liga de Ascenso scoring two goals in the final.

Ansony Frías arrived in Barcelona in February 2019. He had met Marcet in his country, Panama, during a Soccer Camp organized by this football school in the capital of the Central American country. “They advised me to participate in that course and there I won a scholarship to travel to Spain and train at Marcet”, he recalls. Thanks to his good performance during this camp, the young striker was able to join the Professional Program.

“In Barcelona I saw another style of football. I did not know European soccer, I had never been in that environment. Everything was more professional,” explains Ansony. During his stay in Barcelona he also followed an English course organized by the Marcet Academic Department.

What he liked the most about that stage were the individual training sessions. “They were sessions dedicated to technical improvements. They are the ones that made me improve the most as a footballer, especially in front of goal. I learned to shoot much better and also to take some pauses in my game. In my country we don’t oplay that way, football here is more direct”.

Ansony Frías en un partido del Alianza.
Ansony Frías playing for Alianza in Panama.

Upon his return to Panama, Ansony played for Alianz FC, one of the clubs with the longest soccer tradition in the small Central American nation. As a center forward of the reserve team he managed to win the Liga de Ascenso, that is the Second Division. And he did it as the main star of a final in which he scored the two goals that gave the victory to his team.

The season has gone very well, both on a team and personal level,” recalls Ansony. “We were champions and our sacrifices were rewarded. Despite not having started the tournament very well, since I scored only one goal in the first half of the championship, I went from less to more and finished the season with nine goals. I thank Alianza FC for giving me the opportunity to be a professional player. ”

Ansony now dreams of leaving Panama to be able to play in a more prestigious league and continue to grow as a footballer. The young striker already knows what it is to play for the National Team, since he was called up by the U-20 team, being able to play several friendlies against Colombia and other countries in the region. He is sure that that international experience and what he learned in Barcelona will help him fulfill his dreams.

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