Please notify here the arrival or departure of the student to or from Marcet with a minimum of 72 hours of anticipation. If the student were to arrive by his or her own means, please fill the “Own means” section. If the student needs the transfer service, please fill the “Transfer” section.

If, after filling this form, you need to change the dates or time, just fill it again with the updated information. The only valid information will be the most recent. Please, don’t forget the 72 hours of anticipation. We remind you that this form is to report an arrival or departure by your own means. If you need a transfer, you must fill in on this page, below, in the “Transfer” section.

    Full name of the student

    Type of trip

    Date of arrival / departure

    Time of arrival / departure (please, use the 24h format)
    h m

    Contact email
    The email must match the contact email of the student's family. If this is not the case, the communication will not be taken into account.

    Contact phone

    Please find below the exact location of Marcet facilities:



    If you are going to come or you are going to leave Marcet by your own means and you only want to notify us of the arrival or departure time, click here. If you want to use the transfer service, proceed with this form.

    Transfer service for departures and arrivals.

    The cost is per person.

    It must be booked at least 72 hours before arrival.

    The service is exclusive for students.

    If, once you have contracted the service, you need to indicate any changes, write to residencia@marcetfootball.com

    If you have any transfer included in the contracted program, enter the discount code and your contact email in the purchase process.


    Type of trip *

    Travel means *

    Flight / Vehicle Identifier *

    Date of arrival / departure *

    Please use the format dd/mm/yyyy (for example: 09/25/2020)

    Time of arrival / departure *

    Please use the 24 hour format (for example: 20:46)

    Copy of the ticket *

    Please upload a copy of the ticket to track

    (max file size 128 MB)


    Thank you very much for providing us with the information. If you have any comments that may be useful to us, we would appreciate it if you leave them in writing. Otherwise, leave the text empty

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    Marcet offers a transfer service for its students, in order to facilitate their arrival at the sports city.

    From Marcet we can pick up or drop off our students in the following places:

    The transfer service can be at any time of the day, but the price varies depending on whether it is during standard hours (09: 00-20: 59) or extreme hours (21: 00-08: 59).

    If, once you have contracted the service, you need to indicate any changes in the plans, you can write to residencia@marcetfootball.com

    Please note that this service is for students only and the price is per person.

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