High Technification course in South Carolina


New Technologies and the Matrix system will be the protagonists of the August event in Beaufort.

The US is hungry for football. And it is clear that, when it comes to training, you have to bet on quality. That’s why there are more and more North American students in Marcet. And that’s why our Academy will soon organize a High Technification Course in the USA. The appointment is from 5th to 17th of August in Beaufort, South Carolina, where the successful experience carried out in recent months in neighboring Georgia and North Carolina‘s Soccer Camps will be repeated.

Joseph Masaid participated in one of these Marcet Soccer Camp and was amazed by what he saw. “I liked the experience, especially the use of New Technologies applied to football. I hadn’t seen nothing like that before. Within the first training session I already knew I wanted to play in Barcelona.”

A year after that Soccer Camp, Joseph decided to join the Marcet High Performance Academy. “It was hard to leave my family, but I’ve always wanted to be a professional player more than anything in this world. The training in Marcet is 100% different than training in the US. Here they focus on building your stamina and making you a stronger player. In the US they just mainly want you to understand the game, but what Marcet does is to take you into an evaluation on your matches and tell you what you can fix”

Joseph refers to the Matrix system, which allows to know and monitor the strengths and weaknesses of a player thanks to more than 140 detailed measurements. With these Matrix rubrics based on the principles of Tailor-Made philosophy, the player can actually feel the difference and progress made, which is fundamental in terms of motivation and positive reinforcement.

In addition to Joseph, there are other American footballers who are following the Marcet Professional Program in Barcelona after having participated in a Soccer Camp in the US. This is the case of Jason Hernández and Carlos Cepeda. In this video they detail their experience in both countries:

Thanks to the Marcet Program for the Training of Intelligence in Football more than a hundred students in the last five years have joined professional clubs of Europe and America after completing their training in Spain. An opportunity that will also have the most outstanding kids in Beaufort, who will receive a scholarship to be part of the Marcet High Performance Academy in Barcelona.

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