Train in Barcelona, keep studying in your country


Marcet’s students can be trained academically without compromising their usual educational system.

Fathy lives in Barcelona but studies through a Parisian school. The French midfielder moved to Spain last year to train at the Marcet Academy. Once he had made that decision, his family was concerned about how his academic life would be affected by football. Not all too keen on Fathy losing years of education by spending valuable time on adapting to the Spanish educational system, Marcet’s International Study Center Barcelona (MISCB) provided the solution they were looking for.

I have online lessons every day,” explains the young Parisian athlete. “We answer the teachers’ questions through an online chat and are given tasks and exercises online. It’s a really good system because it makes football and studies compatible.”

“blended learning combines the benefits of a traditional schooling system with the flexibility offered by modern technologies”

“Fathy and his colleagues are in Barcelona, but they’re still studying through schools in their own respective countries,” says Hermina del Castillo, academic tutor at MISCB. “It’s as if it were a classroom at their own school, because the kids have constant access to their teachers, immediate feedback, and are evaluated on participation.”

This is possible thanks to blended learning, a mixed learning system that combines the benefits of a traditional schooling system (accredited courses, specialized teachers, academic tutors, individual assistance…) with the flexibility offered by modern technologies (multimedia resources, video conferences, virtual environments…). For example, all schools involved record their classes. Thus, if a student can’t make it to the lesson due to illness, the tasks set that day can be easily accessed.

“At no time ARE STUDENTS alone. they are always with a tutor who is there to help them and to supervising their progress”

Dozens of students from different countries attend Marcet’s International Study Center Barcelona every day. “We work with schools belonging to educational systems in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico and Russia,” explains the centre’s academic tutor, the person responsible for monitoring and supervising students’ progress. “At no time are they alone, they are always with a tutor who is there to help them, also making sure that they aren’t distracted by social networks or bringing their phones to the lesson.”

The tutor’s role also functions as a connection between the students themselves, their families and the schools giving the lessons, all of them being educational centres that have been working with pedagogical teams specialized in working at a distance for years. A system that fits Fathy and all the foreign football players who can train in Barcelona without having to adapt to a new academic system.

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