‘It’s essential to enjoy it’


Brandon Thomas returns to the First Division after ascending with Osasuna.

It did not take long to become the flagship of the main team in their region. From a young age, Brandon Thomas Llamas was able to break into the ranks of RCD Mallorca and with the vermilion team came to debut in the First Division in the 2012-13 season. Seven years later, the Balearic striker returned to the height of Spanish competition clad in the colours of Osasuna, a team in which he has been active since the beginning of the 2018-19 course.

The Navarrese club, after finishing top of the Second Division, had to exercise over Brandon a mandatory purchase option of 2 million euros. The versatile Balearic striker -who stands out for his delivery, speed and capability in front of the goal mouth- arrived at Osasuna on loan from Stade Rennais, a French Ligue 1 team who signed him when Mallorca were relegated to the Third Division at the end of the 2016-17 season.

I wish we could achieve the promotion we desire so much,” stated Brandon before the end of the 2018-19 season. “This year in Pamplona is going amazingly, but my most treasured achievement in football is still my debut in the First Division with Mallorca, which is my home team and who has given me everything. Of course, there were also bad moments and I do not want to forget these as they are what have made me improve as a player and as a person. Like when we were almost relegated or when we finally did descend to the Third Division. I learned a lot from all this and that is why I do not want to forget”.

“I doN’t want to forget bad moments, as they are what have made me improve as a player and as a person”

Brandon also learned a lot in Marcet. “I found out about the Academy thanks to a friend. It was a really lovely time, while doing activities related to the work of individual technique. I played in a few tournaments, against both Spanish and international clubs. I also attended various of the summer camps in Barcelona. It was an amazing experience and extremely helpful. It brought me a lot and enabled me to learn so much. Not only on a technical level, but also on a personal one because I made many friends, grew as a person and learned how to share experiences with others”.

A mix of English and Granada heritage, Brandon had already fallen in love with football before reaching Marcet. “I really started getting in to it from a young age. At playschool I was already kicking a ball around with my twin brother and I can undoubtedly say that this sport has given me everything”, stated the Mallorcan player, who was loaned to Girona FC in January 2020.

Brandon also offers some advice to those who may follow in his footsteps: “Work and sacrifice is important. You have to know how to listen, learn to learn and realize that we never know everything. However, during the formation stage, above all, you have to enjoy yourself. Knowing how to enjoy it is essential in order to reach the top”.

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