• Personal trainer

    A tracking session during a group training with real-time guidance and analysis to refine the aspects under review.   A 45-minute individual training session focusing on areas needing improvement, with real-time analysis of actions to correct them on the spot, alongside an analyst.

  • Extra Night

    If you arrive the day before the course starts or your return trip is one day after the end of the course, you can book an extra night at the Marcet residences. Includes dinner and breakfast.

  • GPS sensors

    Tres sesiones de seguimiento con dispositivos GPS: Physical training Finishing training Competition (match)   Statistical report compiling all measured metrics   Individual meeting with the fitness coach to analyze the results and receive specific recommendations

  • Structural Analysis Session

    An accurate diagnosis of all the physical asymmetries of the player.   A detailed report collects the conclusions, illustrated with images and comparative graphs.   The objective is to correct postural vices through exercise to prevent injuries and eliminate the elements that prevent the player from developing correctly in sports.

  • Bioimpedance session

    Thanks to a special scale designed for high-performance athletes, Marcet physical trainers prepare complete and accurate reports on the condition of the students (percentage of muscle, fat, etc.). Based on these values, experts detect possible body asymmetries and create a personalized roadmap to correct imbalances.

  • Neurotechnologies session

    60-minute session in which exercises are carried out with technological elements that help the player internalize key actions and details to become a more intelligent footballer. Each exercise is recorded so that the student sees how he acts and has a visualization of his movements in each exercise. The player will also have a real-time…

  • Video Analysis Session

    Video analysis is a powerful tool that, based on a recording of a training session or a match, allows you to select different plays based on the technical-tactical aspects of the player that you want to assess in order to contribute to their sporting development. Video analysis provides the student with a very different vision…

  • Transfer (Pickup and/or Delivery)

    If you are going to come or leave Marcet by your own means and you just want to notify us of the time of arrival or departure, click here. If you want to use the transfer service, proceed with this form. Transfer service for departures and arrivals. The cost is per person. It must be…