‘Practice, practice, practice’


After passing through Marcet, Cayetano Gutiérrez is signed to Levante and is called to the Norwegian National Team.

Cayetano Gutiérrez Rossvaer came to Marcet to “practice, practice, practice”. At the age of 10, he decided to leave Hércules behind and join the High-Performance Academy. “The first time I came was to try out the intensive summer course. Once in Barcelona I discovered that there was the possibility of staying throughout the season and I went for it. I didn’t really have a problem leaving my team because I knew I was doing so to improve.”

At the beginning, I used to take the train from Alicante to Barcelona, every weekend,” recalls the winger. “It was five hours away, but I did it because I was very comfortable at Marcet. I had good teammates and the truth is that I was very comfortable at the Academy. Before my time there, I lacked a lot of technique, but that problem was well behind me after a year in Barcelona. What I liked most about Marcet was how technical the training was.”

His improvement soon showed its worth. “The following year I returned to Hércules and stayed there for a while. It went really well, I scored 30 goals and then started getting calls from the Valencia National Team. At the end of that season, I managed to sign for Elche.”

Two years down the line, Cayetano decides to return to Marcet for two months to further refine his technique and prepare for what lay ahead. During this second stay in Barcelona, he received the call from the Norwegian National Team. The Scandinavian technicians had seen him play and scheduled a meeting for the end of June 2018. “My mother is Norwegian, so the Federation watched my videos and ended up getting in touch.”

But the good news doesn’t end here for Cayetano, who will be play for Levante once the summer’s over. Going into a First Division team is a dream come true. “Which is pretty much the reason I went back to Marcet, to prepare for the next season. I’m really looking forward to this coming stage and change of pace, but my goal is still the same: to practice, practice, practice and keep improving.”

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