A diagnosis of a player’s potential established throughout an evaluative course.


Take advantage of New Technologies

Implementing the use of New Technologies has been one of Marcet‘s major ventures for years. Using state-of-the-art equipment in training sessions is a fundamental requirement when it comes to learning football intelligently. More and more of the players choose to receive specific New Technologies updates during their stay in Barcelona. These are personalized training programs, in which the teacher and trainer ‘feedback’ is constant.

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Checking Program


  • For players and goalkeepers from 1999 to 2013
  • What it includes:
    • Marcet uniform (2 shirts, pants, socks)
    • Specific trainings
    • Collective sessions with the Professional Program’s players
    • New Technologies Session
    • Video analysis
    • Personalized monitoring and evaluation
    • Transfer to and from the airport (for students in residence)
    • Academic activities
    • Illuminator Program (Pack 1)
  • Possibility of hiring a residence with full board (the option without residence includes lunch, mid-morning snack and afternoon snack).

Servicios Extra/Extra services

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The Checking Program is a personalized training course with advanced methodology whose main objective is to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of a player, as well as the opportunities and threats that he will encounter on his way to elite football. The course, which lasts between one and four weeks, can also be used to evaluate the possible incorporation of the player to the Professional Program (MPEP).

Through a series of individualized and collective tests, the student is evaluated according to the guidelines of the Matrix methodology, a system of objective rubrics based on specific measurements reviewed by experts. “For example, if we’re talking about shooting, we aren’t just analysing the shot itself, but we’ll break the concept down into its different variants such as interior, instep, toe, volley, etc.”, explains Jordi Aumatell, head of the Marcet Evaluation Department: “From there we establish personalized and very specific objectives so that the player can progress in what they need most thanks to a clear roadmap ”.

The results of the evaluation are also contrasted with the level of demand of the largest clubs in Europe in order to determine the real level of the player in each of the competencies, knowledge, skills and values that are ​​essential to be a professional footballer.

When it takes place:

The Checking Program can take place at any period of the year, upon reservation of the course in the indicated modalities. If students want to follow the course for a period of more than one month, their option should be the MPEP Program.

Unlike other courses, Marcet does not tie you to a pre-established date. If, for any reason, you could not come on the dates you intended, you are entitled to change them to when it suits you best. Your investment is insured!

Where it takes place:

The program takes place in Barcelona city, at the headquarters of the Marcet Academy. In specific cases students can also travel to other places to play matches and participate in tournaments in order to evaluate their competitive level.

What it includes:

The Checking Program has a complete High Performance sports program and also different academic options according to the age of the students and the types of services contracted:

Sports programming

  • Four high-performance sports facilities located in Barcelona city, all with high-quality astroturf (artificial grass):

      • 11-a-side football pitches

      • 7-a-side football pitches

      • Indoor football pitches

      • Gym

      • Swimming pool

      • Fitness room

  • Technical-tactical training:

      • Specific sessions according to the postion of the player

      • Special technical acceleration sessions


  • Conditioning training:

      • Gym sessions

      • Optional sessions in the pool or beach (according to need and duration of the program)

  • MATRIX, a detailed and personalized evaluation system by objectives through rubrics:

      • Initial, weekly and quarterly evaluation:

          • Self evaluation

          • Training evaluation

          • Assessment of individual goals

          • Individual tutorials with coach and analyst


  • Specialist in strenght training

  • Injury recovery

  • Evaluations:

  • GPS technology

  • Individualized work plans for the development and improvement of conditional qualities:

      • Strength training

      • Resistance training:

      • Injury prevention trainings:

        • General prevention plans


  • Comparative individual report

  • Professional sports physiotherapists belonging to RCD Espanyol

  • Initial evaluation according to individual injuries or complaints:

      • Arthro-muscular evaluation on a stretcher

      • Evaluation of the injury in specific gesture

      • Coordination with sports therapists

  • Recording of training sessions (and possibly matches)

  • New Technologies sessions:

      • Smart ball

      • Strobe glasses

      • LED’s goals

      • Neurostimulation through LEDs

      • Ball machine

      • 360º cameras (goalkeepers)


  • Videoanalisis:

      • Individual:

        • Setting personalized goals after an initial assessment

        • Follow-up analysis of objectives through games, training and New Technologies sessions

        • Real-time analysis during training sessions

Academic programming

  • Depending on the age of the student and the type of residence hired, it is possible to chose one or more of these options:

      • Preparation for official Spanish DELE exams from Instituto Cervantes

      • Football Masters program (from 16 years old andonly if the requirements are met)

      • Academic support of the student in agreement with his online school.

      • Academic supervision of the student:

          • Support in homework and school projects

          • Support in the preparation of tests and exams

Training continuity guaranteed

Once the Checking Program is finished, Marcet offers its students the possibility of continuing with their training process thanks to the Illuminator Program (Pack 1). All the players who participate in this course will be able to continue learning for free and from their homes thanks to this program, which is developed through a constant exchange of information between the student and the Coach Mentor.

On the one hand, the player sends recordings of the training sessions and/or matches he does with his club, or also of his training sessions at home, in the park, in a garden, with a wall, alone, with friends or family … On the other hand, the Coach Mentor analyzes the material and establishes constant communication with the student via WhatsApp and Skype, with the aim of correcting their mistakes, solving their doubts, assigning them new goals and, ultimately, guiding them in a learning process that over time becomes more and more autonomous.