Intensive autumn/winter course

Join the course that has been turning students into professionals for 40 years.

Intensive autumn/winter course

Marcet: Intensive soccer course in Barcelona, autumn/winter season.


Specific courses depending on the level and age of each player.


High Technification (6-13 y/o) + High Performance (14-21 y/o).


Full board option with supervision 24 hours a day.

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If you have questions about any of our courses or you want us to send you more information, fill out the following form, or you can call us:


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High performance (14-21 years)

Students from the age of 14 follow a program oriented towards professional football and are individually summoned to verify their evolution in a personalized way. “It’s an opportunity to learn new things,” explains goalkeeper Alfonso Aragón, who recently signed up for a High Performance course. “Here you see football in another way. It is an experience that opens your mind, and in the end that is the most important thing. The rhythm of the course is almost professional and there are activities throughout the day: technical-tactical training, physical sessions, on the beach, in the pool, sports psychology…”

Alfonso took the course as an opportunity to return to work with his team, SD Huesca, in top shape. Others, like the American forward Antonio Puerta, come to Barcelona to enjoy a formative experience that they cannot have in their countries of origin: “Every year I return because when I leave I am a better player than I arrived. It’s very tough and very fun at the same time.”

There are also students who meet the conditions of both Alfonso and Antonio. This is the case of Maël Caisson, who has spent his whole life in the ranks of a prestigious club like AS Monaco FC. For him, the Marcet Academy courses are a fundamental resource on the road to soccer excellence. “My teammates prefer to rest during the holidays, but I am ambitious and want to become a professional. I have come to this campus because in France there is nothing of this kind. I found many campuses that offered 10 or 15 hours of soccer a week. But here they guarantee me 40 hours”.

“I expected intense training sessions, but what I’ve seen has gone beyond my expectations,” says Ernest Addi, who took his son to Barcelona to find out if he really had the requirements to reach professional football. He decided to accompany him and cross the pond with him: “I wanted to see it with my eyes. I wanted to see if I liked it or not. Whether it was good for him or not. And what I have seen I have liked.


07:45 Diana
08:00 Breakfast
08:45 Changing room
09:00 Technical-tactical training or beach
10:30 Snack
10:45 Conditional Training or Pool
11:30 Hydration
11:45 Personality training and/or training video session
12:30 Specific training
13:15 Shower
13:30 Lunch
2:00 p.m. Nap
16:00 Individual technique and injury prevention
16:30 Technical-tactical training
18:00 shower
18:15 Snack
18:30 Residences
19:30 Dinner
20:15 Free time
22:00 Lights out

High Technification (6-13 years)

The objective of the High Technification courses at the Marcet Football University is for students to understand the concepts of collective technique and assimilate the tactical movements in the development of the game, being able to automate the elements of individual technique, which It allows you to improve your vision of the game, think quickly and make good decisions.

The main technical learning objectives of this campus are improvement in the following aspects of the game: control, dribbling, passing, driving and shooting (also with the unskilled leg), as well as head game, offensive techniques, defensive techniques and intelligence in soccer.

But the evolution experienced by the students during the camp goes beyond sports. “You start looking for soccer, but once you are here you find something else,” explains Pablo Álvarez Pincay, who has been taking his children to the Marcet intensive care centers for years. “Here they have learned to live together and have matured from all points of view. It is a very enriching experience”, he comments in this video, in which he talks with the father of another student:

Rubén Martí knows what these parents are talking about. He has been at Marcet for more than 20 years and is today the coordinator of High Technification soccer courses. In the following recording, he recounts his day-to-day life on campus and tells of the importance of values ​​in training not only footballers, but also people:

“When you are working with so many people, there are many fronts that must be covered: caring for family members, children for specific problems, coaches, teams that come to participate in our tournaments… Personal satisfaction is seeing that all the inconveniences They are being solved and the kids leave happy. So you feel that the work you have done has been worth it.”

From the point of view of the students, there is no single way to experience the intensive courses. Each player has their priorities and personal goals. Like Adrián Melero, Pablo Melero and Jaime Barral, three youngest from Real Madrid CF who went to the Verano Marcet campus to “improve technically” and “learn to make long passes” ahead of their imminent debut in 11-a-side football. And also for maintain the level required by a team like the merengue club during the holidays.


09.00 Session 1, training
10.30 Snack
11:00 Session 2, training
12:30 Technique circuit
13:30 Technical evaluation
14:30 Lunch
15:15 Audiovisual training
16:00 Session 3, training
17:00 Didactic match
18.00 Shower and snack
18.30 Tourism
20:30 Dinner
21:30  Free time
22:00 In residence
23:00  Lights out



It is very important not to confuse the High Technification and High Performance Marcet courses with camps that are taught in Spain or other countries with the sole purpose of entertaining children during their vacations. These are courses that do not have a defined pedagogical method and often have the shield and name of a great club as the only marketing reference. In these colonies, young people will be able -hopefully- to take pictures with a famous player, visit mythical stadiums, stroll through beautiful cities, but in no case will they learn soccer or progress in individual technique and tactics, much less in collective concepts. For this reason, it is very important that both parents and players are aware that the intensity and the physical and mental demands of the Marcet courses are very high.

That does not mean that Marcet students do not have fun learning. Every day they experience and assimilate a large number of concepts, skills and techniques fully aware of their progression. Despite the hard work of the whole day, they are looking forward to the next day because they know that with each passing minute they are improving as footballers and as people. This is the secret thanks to which every year dozens of Marcet students join the discipline of 1st division clubs in Spain or Europe.



On the first day, the students have to arrive in the morning for the presentation of the technical team and the formation of the initial groups. Then a series of tests will be carried out to assess the exact level of each player and place them in the most appropriate group during the course. The teacher takes advantage of this initial test to detect the points where he should influence more.

On the first day, the student is given the official pack with a training shirt, a walking shirt, shorts and socks. Each player has to come with their boots, possibly multi-studs, since all the fields are last generation artificial grass. It is better not to wear boots during the course, because new ones tend to cause blisters. After finishing the course, the Marcet coaching staff will give all students personalized evaluations in order to determine the future possibilities of each player.



The residence service – with supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – is optional for those players who do not live in Barcelona. Students in this regime receive an extra uniform and enjoy a series of leisure activities outside of training hours, such as go-karting, laser tag or tourist-type excursions. Standard accommodation is in rooms for a minimum of four people. Depending on their availability and the influx of students, the offer will be adapted in multiple rooms with bunk beds prepared for eight or more players. However, if a family wants their child to reside in a Superior Category accommodation (rooms for two or three students) they can contract the service with a daily supplement on the price of the course with residence (limited offer). An optional pick-up and drop-off service at the airport, train station or buses is also available for students traveling alone. It is a personalized accompaniment and carried out by a responsible Marcet. In the case of needing to extend the nights of stay -both before the start of the course and at the end- to match the dates and times of flights or trains, it is possible to contract extra nights in the residence.



At Marcet we want to make sure that your investment is not affected by any circumstance. That is why this service includes a distance training plan (different depending on the contracted course) that will be launched in the event that you cannot attend the course for whatever reason.

On the other hand, you will always have the possibility to search for other dates on which to enjoy our services. Finally, the price includes an external insurance with whom we will put you in contact in case you require it.



Once the face-to-face campus is over, Marcet offers its students the possibility of continuing with their training process thanks to the Illuminator Program (Pack 1). All the players who participate in the High Technification and High Performance courses will be able to continue learning for free and from home thanks to this program, which is developed through a constant exchange of information between the student and the Coach Mentor. On the one hand, the player He sends recordings of the training sessions and/or matches he does with his club, or also of training sessions at home, in the park, in a garden, against a wall, alone, with friends or family… On the other hand, the Coach Mentor analyzes the material and establishes constant communication with the student via WhatsApp and Skype, with the aim of correcting their mistakes, resolving their doubts, assigning them new objectives and, ultimately, guiding them in a learning process that becomes more and more autonomous over time. .

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What they say about us

  • “I have taken my children to Marcet because I want them to improve”

  • "Education at Marcet covers aspects that go beyond football"

  • "Marcet is an exquisite way of seeing football as a school of values"

  • "Marcet's facilities are perfect for the development of educational sports"

  • "At Marcet you progress, you get closer to European football and you prepare for the market"

  • "Effort, respect and patience are key for Marcet students to achieve success"

Courses adapted to each student

Each student has different needs. There are students who need more physical training, while others may require more attention in other areas.

Listen to the parents of our students

“My kids have gone through a development that goes much further than sporting performance. They’ve learned to coexist and mature in so many aspects. It’s a very enriching experience."

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