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Checking Program


  • Checking program is An evaluative course, personalised training and advanced methodology with the end goal of assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to players and their professional projection. A 1 to 4 weeks course used to evaluate eligibility for the MPEP Professional Program.
  • For players and keepers from 1999 to 2013
  • Registration will be opened from 9th September on. There won’t be admissions from 14th July, 2020 on.
  • Includes:
    • Marcet’s uniform (2 shirts, shorts, socks)
    • Specific training sessions
    • Collective sessions with Professional Program players
    • Marcet’s New Technologies session
    • Videoanalysis
    • Follow up and personalised evaluation
    • Pick-up/Drop-Off transfers to/from airport (only with accommodation)
    • Formative activities
  • Residence available
    • *The option without residence includes lunch, mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

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This course consists of personalised player evaluation for the detecting of
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to their journey towards
professional football. It is also used to consider possible enrolment to our
professional program.

The duration of the Checking program can be of up to four weeks, making a stay superior to said period part of the MPEP Professional Program. The extent of the program may vary depending on the objectives and necessities of the trainee and is structured as follows:

• Evaluation MATRIX of abilities and qualification of individual
technique and physical form, in conjunction with key parameters for
future development in professional football such as game tactics,
decision making, game vision, capacity of improvement and learning,
game intelligence, personality traits and values.

• This MATRIX evaluation comprises a series of both individualized
and collective tests, which are later contrasted with the professional
European requirements. The result of this evaluation will determine
the place and skill set of each student concerning their knowledge,
abilities and values for their learning process.

• After the final evaluation of the Checking Program, our technicians
determine personalized objectives for each student and design an
adequate learning strategy, that is, how and when the student is to
reach their objectives. To do this, a series of specific training actions
will be scheduled so that the students have a clear and efficient
workflow aimed directly at their objectives.

• This process involves qualified, specialized teachers and trainers.

• In order to improve technical capabilities and physical form, Marcet
makes use of technology in its method, involving new technology
sessions, video analysis, structural analysis and bioimpedance
analysis* in its training.

• There is a possibility, if the sports department agrees on it, that
during the checking program period, scholars be called on to take
part in a match or tournament of their respective competitive
level (this option is not included in the program, it is entirely at the
discretion of the sports department and subject to their calendar).

*Structural and bioimpedance analysis services are purchased separately.

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