Checking Program

Checking Program

  • For players and goalkeepers from 1999 to 2013
  • What it includes:
    • Marcet uniform (2 shirts, pants, socks)
    • Specific trainings
    • Collective sessions with the Professional Program’s players
    • New Technologies Session
    • Video analysis
    • Personalized monitoring and evaluation
    • Transfer to and from the airport (for students in residence)
    • Academic activities
    • Illuminator Program (Pack 1)
  • Possibility of hiring a residence with full board (the option without residence includes lunch, mid-morning snack and afternoon snack).

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If you have questions about any of our courses or you want us to send you more information, fill out the following form, or you can call us:


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“Two weeks doesn’t make anyone the best player in the world, but I wanted Jason to have this experience to understand if he really has what it takes to get to elite football.” Ernest Addi took his son to Barcelona with a precise objective: to find out his real professional projection. He crossed the Atlantic because he trusted Marcet’s criteria and experience, and in two weeks he found the answers he was looking for, as he himself explains in the video at the beginning of this page.

The Checking Program was born precisely in order to define the professional perspectives of a certain player. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Determine future opportunities and threats. It is the rigorous and complete diagnosis that Addi was looking for when he decided to find out his son’s level and find out his chances of gaining a foothold in top-level football.

For many, the Checking Program is the natural gateway to the Marcet High Performance Academy. Due to its short duration -from 1 to 4 weeks- it offers the opportunity to learn about and directly experience the Professional Program (MPEP) without having to stay in Barcelona for the entire season. In fact, Checking students enjoy all the usual services of the Academy, such as two daily group training sessions, New Technologies and Video Analysis sessions, transfer to and from the airport, language classes…

For these reasons, Checking can be considered as a trial period before accessing the Professional Program. But it is also something else. Not only because of its eminently evaluative nature. Also because it is a more personalized course, with a daily individual training session and optional services such as Structural Analysis and Bioimpedance Analysis, essential to optimize muscle development thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and a specific work plan.

The evaluation of the player’s abilities and physical condition is carried out through a series of tests whose results are contrasted with the level of demand of the technical bodies of the main European clubs. Coaches, physical trainers, sports psychologists and physiotherapists take into account tactical parameters and fundamental elements such as decision-making, vision of the game, the ability to improve and learn, intelligence in the game, personality and the values ​​of the student.

The Checking Program has a complete High Performance sports program and also different academic options depending on the age of the students and the types of services contracted.

Sports Programming


  • Four high-performance sports facilities located in Barcelona city, all with high-quality astroturf (https://marcetfootball.com/la-revolucion-del-cesped-artificial/) (artificial grass):
    • F11 fields
    • F7 fields
    • Indoor Soccer Fields
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Fitness room


  • Sports directors
  • Qualified trainers, with professional experience, empathetic and trained in the Marcet Method
  • Field Helpers
  • Sports tutors
  • Sports psychologists
  • Physical trainers
  • Analysts
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists


  • Technical-tactical training:
    • Position Specific Sessions
    • Special technical acceleration sessions
  • Conditional Trainings:


  • MATRIX, detailed and personalized evaluation system by objectives through rubrics.
    • Initial, weekly and quarterly evaluation:
      • Self appraisal
      • Match evaluation
      • Training evaluation
      • Evaluation of individual objectives and post-match game competitions
      • Individual tutorials with trainer and analyst
      • Group tutorials with trainer and analyst



  • Specialist in strength work
  • Rehabilitation and recovery of injuries
  • Evaluations:
    • Body composition
      (Analysis by Bioelectrical Impedance with TANITA®)
    • Lower Body Strength Analysis
    • Travel speed analysis
    • Analysis of postural imbalances
  • Training profile and matches of the player using GPS technology
  • Individualized work plans for the development and improvement of conditional qualities:
    • Strength training
    • Resistance Workouts:
      • Soccer specific stamina enhancement
      • Control of body composition
    • Injury Prevention Workouts:
      • General prevention plans


  • Evaluation, follow-up and individualized objectives:
    • Dietary assessment
    • Nutritional recommendations
    • Setting short-term goals


  • Professional sports physiotherapists belonging to RCD Espanyol
  • Initial evaluation according to individual injuries or discomfort:
    • Arthro-muscular evaluation on a stretcher
    • Gesture-specific injury assessment
    • Coordination of work with the injury rehabilitator


  • Recording of matches and training sessions
  • New Technologies Sessions:
    • Smart ball
    • Strobe glasses
    • LED goals
    • Neurostimulation through LED
    • Ball machine
    • 360º cameras (goalkeepers)
  • Individual video analysis:
    • Setting personalized goals after an initial assessment
    • Follow-up analysis of the objectives through matches, training sessions and sessions of New Technologies
    • Real-time analysis during training sessions

Academic training

  • Depending on the age of the student and the type of residence contracted, it is possible to take advantage of one or more of these options:
    • Language Immersion Plan in Spanish (preparation for official DELE Spanish exams of the Instituto Cervantes)
    • Football Masters Program (from 16 years old and if the requirements are met)
    • Academic monitoring of the student in agreement with the distance school itself (agreed and enrolled directly by the family)
    • Academic supervision of the student:
      • Support with homework and school projects
      • Support in preparing tests and exams

The Checking Program can take place at any time of the year with prior reservation. Unlike other courses, Marcet does not tie you to a pre-established date. If, for any reason, you could not come on the dates you wanted, this service provides that you change them to when it suits you better. Your investment is insured!

The program takes place in Barcelona city, at the headquarters of the Marcet Academy. In specific cases, if the sports department deems it appropriate, students can also travel to other places to play matches and participate in tournaments with the aim of measuring their competitive level.

Like the other Marcet courses, it should be noted that the Checking Program also requires a high level of demand from the student. “If your intention is to do tourism, this is not the right place”, sums up Addi when commenting on his son’s experience. “I expected intense training, but what I have seen has gone beyond my expectations. And I liked it.”

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What they say about us

  • “I have taken my children to Marcet because I want them to improve”

  • "Education at Marcet covers aspects that go beyond football"

  • "Marcet is an exquisite way of seeing football as a school of values"

  • "Marcet's facilities are perfect for the development of educational sports"

  • "At Marcet you progress, you get closer to European football and you prepare for the market"

  • "Effort, respect and patience are key for Marcet students to achieve success"

Courses adapted to each student

Each student has different needs. There are students who need more physical training, while others may require more attention in other areas.

Listen to the parents of our students

“My kids have gone through a development that goes much further than sporting performance. They’ve learned to coexist and mature in so many aspects. It’s a very enriching experience."

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