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Illuminator Program (Lite)


  • Pack 1 (60€): The player can send us 2 videos and 2 audios. He will receive 1 video-conference of 15 minutes and 4 audios from the teacher.
  • Pack 2 (80€): The player can send us 4 videos and 4 audios. He will receive 2 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 8 audios from the teacher.
  • Pack 3 (110€)The player can send us 6 videos and 6 audios. He will receive 3 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 12 audios from the teacher.
  • Pack 4 (140€): The player can send us 8 videos and 8 audios. He will receive 4 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 16 audios from the teacher.
  • Pack 5 (170€): The player can send us 10 videos and 10 audios. He will receive 5 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 20 audios from the teacher. 
  • Pack 6 (200€): The player can send us 12 videos and 12 audios. He will receive 6 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 24 audios from the teacher.
  • Pack 7 (230€): The player can send us 14 videos and 14 audios. He will receive 7 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 28 audios from the teacher.
  • Pack 8 (260€): The player can send us 16 videos and 16 audios. He will receive 8 video-conferences of 15 minutes and 32 audios from the teacher.
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To make sure that your kid keeps improving continuously and without interruption, from your country, your city, playing games and training with his club, Marcet offers the “Illuminator” programme which aim is for your kid to acquire the capacity of learning in a more autonomous and efficient way, following his own objectives and always supervised by a Marcet Coach-Mentor who knows him. 

This programme is ideal to combine the different training points that your kid can learn here. The “Illuminator” programme is indexed in the PRACTICE AND CORRECTNG phase. This phase is the longest in the learning process and requires many hours of practice. 

This is why it’s vital that they take advantage of every single moment to train: at home, in the park, in the garden, against a wall, during training and games with his team, alone, with friends, parents or family… But always with your camera ready to film him in action. 


  1. Analyse of the “Initial Evaluation” that has been made by the coaches and the analysts during the Marcet course that your kid completed.
  1. Establishment of the new objectives that the kid has to reach during the “Illuminator” programme according to the Marcet Pedagogical Model.
  1. Your kid will be assigned a Coach-Mentor that will exclusively interact with him, so that both of them will know each other in depth and they can build a trust relationship and allow very effective feedbacks and counter-feedbacks.
  1. The Coach Mentor sends you by Whatsapp the video clips with actions from your kid (analysed by the staff), to obtain indications about the Initial Evaluation that has been made.
  1. The Coach Mentor sends by mail the Marcet Test for the evaluation of the kid’s maturity in the understanding of the football basics. This test is based on the observation of real images and responses to problems. This test is used by the Coach Mentor to get a clear idea of the kid’s level in order to define appropriate strategies to pursue his progression.
  2. The Marcet Pedagogical Model is based on learning with objectives, that’s why we will focus on these objectives established individually for every student.
  • The Coach Mentor sends, by whatsapp, videos that explain the skills that have been established as objectives. 
  • By viewing these images, the student gets a model that he can use to train at any moment: in the garden, against a wall, in the park, training and playing games with his local team… 
  • The student films the skills that he thinks are appropriate, to analyze them himself and correct their execution. 
    • Your kid doesn’t manage to understand what he does well or bad, and if he doesn’t receive any feedback he has no reason to change his conduct. But if he changes something arbitrarily, there’s no certainty that it goes in the right direction. 
  • Videos with selected images, send by Whatsapp 
    • Coach and analyst evaluate how your kid executes what he’s asked to, strengthen even the smallest improvement they notice, isolate errors, report defects and give clear information and feedbacks so your kid can find the solution on his own. 
    • Thanks to these feedbacks, your kid will try to understand the relation between his own motor responses and the results. He will continually make adjustments based on mental reviews and the information he receives reflecting on his execution, in order to correct future attempts. Eventually he will develop an ability to spot his mistakes and how to correct them.

7. Through video-conferences, Coach Mentor and student (with the presence of his parents) can have a meeting to analyze images, improvements reached by the student, corrections to make and feedbacks.

8. Once the objectives reached, we establish new ones and the whole process starts again.

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