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Leader Program


  • For players and goalkeepers ages 6 to 21.
  • Communications will be in Spanish and English. If you need another language, an extra amount will be charged.
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The Leader Programme is aimed at improving player technique from a distance. Those who live far from our facilities can follow a professional, personalised programme and be evaluated through the recording of matches and/or training sessions. A Coach-Mentor tutors the student via videoconference for evaluation and setting objectives.

This way, the Marcet methodology makes it past the geographical boundaries between the academy and those living far away, putting itself at the disposal of those the wish to work with it, regardless of their place of residence. The same occurs with the Illuminator Program, which due to its characteristics is a more agile and informal tool, while the objective of the Leader Program is to make more complete and in-depth analyzes.


  • Marcet gives precise instructions to the player’s parents or guardians to produce a 90 minute long video* of matches and/or training sessions with the player’s current club.
  • Said video is then uploaded to an online cloud shared with the Marcet Analysis Department.
  • The video is analysed.
  • A reply video is sent 1-2 days before the video analysis session.
  • The videoconference between student and analyst takes place. Objectives are set.
  • Exercises (video) are sent so that the objectives can be met**.

*The client will receive instructions on how to produce adequate video content so that it can be effectively analysed. Marcet won’t be held responsable for the quality of said produced content and doesn’t guarantee analysis of that which doesn’t meet the minimum quality standards.

**Every 3 months, set objectives will be evaluated. The student will go on to the next level if the analysis team considers that the initially set phase and objectives have been completed.

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