Nutritional Program

Nutritional Program

  • Pack 1 (150€): Bioimpedance anlaysis + Nutritional reminder + Food allergies + Food preferences. It ends with some pieces of advice for nutritional habits. One presential session.
  • Pack 2 (200€): One-hour presential session. Bioimpedance anlaysis + Nutritional reminder + Food allergies + Food preferences. It ends with a one-hour online session to explain the personalized diet.

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How important is the nutrition in sports?

Feeding is the set of actions lead to provide food to the organism. Sports nutrition does not forget the basic criteria of a balanced diet day to day, to face training sessions and help with recovery.

By keeping a proper diet, the athlete will significantly improve performance and recovery. Nutrients are the body’s gasoline, therefore, with a good diet, greater work intensities and duration can be achieved. Feeding does not make you a champion, but it helps you in the process of reaching it.

In order to get this, the first thing to do is a bioimpedance study. Bioimpedance is a type of advanced person-weight scale. It is used to calculate the body mass and also know the rate of fat in adipose tissues.

The difference between classic and bioimpedance scales is that the first ones measure corpulence without distinguishing lean body mass (mineral salts, water, proteins, glycogen, water mass, etc.) from the fat mass present in adipose tissues.

By differentiating the lean body mass from the fat rate, we will be able to know if you have to do a diet (in case of having a percentage higher than the average) or a sports program to lose weight and improve the physical condition, which is so necessary today in professional sports.

The objective of these sessions is to help athletes to understand the importance of nutrition in sports, help them to eat healthy and thereby to increase their sports level.

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