Answers via whatsapp

Answers via whatsapp

Answers via whatsapp are packs of queries with Marcet’s physical trainers in which a specific number of questions with their corresponding response is contemplated. These queries have to refer to a specific question. The physical trainer does not have the obligation to respond instantly or respond to any message that is not related to this consultations.

Do not forget that, in order to use this answering service, you must first hire a Physical preparation plan + Live training session!

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  • “I have taken my children to Marcet because I want them to improve”

  • "Education at Marcet covers aspects that go beyond football"

  • "Marcet is an exquisite way of seeing football as a school of values"

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  • "At Marcet you progress, you get closer to European football and you prepare for the market"

  • "Effort, respect and patience are key for Marcet students to achieve success"

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Each student has different needs. There are students who need more physical training, while others may require more attention in other areas.

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