Professional Program Ourense

A High Performance Soccer Academy that trains intelligent, free players with values, academic solidity and future employability.

Professional Program Ourense

The objective of the Marcet Professional Eurofootball Program (MPEP) is not to sign players, but to prepare future footballers so that they are suitable to be signed by other clubs. Those who pass this stage of preparation will be able to start their professional career successfully. Marcet students put themselves in the showcase to make the leap to European elite football and every year dozens of them are signed by teams from all over the world, as confirmed by the Hall of Fame of this High Performance Academy.


But if the life of a footballer is very short, the life of a former footballer is very long. For this reason, it is essential that a successful player is also a cultivated person with an academic preparation that allows him to forge a professional future once his sports career is over. In this sense, the studies are a fundamental part of the MPEP Program. At Marcet, sports training and academic training always go hand in hand.


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The High Performance Academy does not intend to sign players, but to prepare them so that they are suitable to join the discipline of professional clubs

Prepare oneself to make the leap to professional football. This is the objective of the players who attend the Professional Program (MPEP), the star product of the Marcet Football University that has a limited number of places per year and includes high performance sports training, academic studies and residence in the center of Ourense, a city with a solid sports infrastructure and selected by this Academy precisely because it meets the ideal conditions to provide its students with comprehensive training. In addition to being in an environment conducive to learning and playing soccer, the city enjoys a pleasant climate most of the year and is located in a region with a great football tradition and strong competition, which provides Marcet players the opportunity to face top-level teams.

The full duration of the program -aimed at young people from 14 to 19 years old– is 10 months, with the possibility of making times and general conditions more flexible according to the needs of each student and their families.

The MPEP is a demanding programme, which has two or three daily training sessions and a first-rate competitive calendar that includes clashes with the best academies in Spanish and European football. But all this is in no way detrimental to academic training. Because if the life of a footballer is very short, the life of a former footballer is very long. For this reason, it is essential that a successful player is also a cultivated person with an academic preparation that allows him to forge a professional future once his sports career is over.

At Marcet, football and studies always go hand in hand. In fact, in this Academy, academic training is not only highly recommended, it is also compulsory. The stars of its Hall of Fame are both professional soccer players and students who have found success through their studies. Therefore, each player has various training options depending on age, country of origin or their abilities. Any study is good if it serves to complement the player’s training and make him a complete person and prepared for the future.

Program objectives:

  • FREEDOM, because a player is free when he masters all the skills of the individual technique and can do what he wants during the match.
  • VALUES, because developing these human strengths is essential to succeed both in football and in extra-sports life.
  • INTELLIGENCE, because it is essential to know how to quickly make the most appropriate decisions at every moment of the match and of life.
  • FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY, because the talents required by the best clubs in the world are the same as those required by the world of work outside of football.
  • ACADEMIC SOLIDITY, because the key is to use soccer as a reagent to enhance the academic performance of students.

The Professional Program occupies the entire school year, from September to June. However, it is also possible to follow it for shorter times. From Marcet we recommend contracting 10, six or three months, but the participation of other periods of time can be contemplated, the minimum and base unit being one month. If the student wants to follow the course for a few weeks, their option should be the Checking Program.

The program takes place in Ourense, but students travel punctually to other places to compete and participate in tournaments.

There are four different registration modalities, which differ according to the number of contracted services:

  • Sports only afternoons: Includes a partial sports program. Does not include residence, maintenance, or management of academic studies.
  • Complete sports: Includes complete sports programming. Does not include residence, maintenance, or management of academic studies.
  • Sports and academic day: Includes full sports programming, half board and management of academic studies. Does not include residence.
  • Complete sports and academic: Includes complete sports programming, residence with full board and management of academic studies.

Sports Programming


  • F11 fields
  • F7 fields
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Fitness room


  • Sports directors
  • Qualified trainers, with professional experience, empathetic and trained in the Marcet Method
  • Field Helpers
  • Sports tutors
  • Sports psychologists
  • Physical trainers
  • Analysts
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists



  • Technical-tactical training:
    • Position Specific Sessions
    • Special technical acceleration sessions
  • Conditional Trainings:
    • Sessions in gym
    • Pool sessions


  • Participation in leagues in the ranks of a club (after obtaining a federation license).
  • Tournaments, trips and expeditions:
    • Under call.
    • Covered by the Travel Fee and Individualized Expenses.


  • MATRIX, detailed and personalized evaluation system by objectives through rubrics.
    • Initial, weekly and quarterly evaluation:
      • Self appraisal
      • Match evaluation
      • Training evaluation
      • Evaluation of individual objectives and post-match game competitions
      • Individual tutorials with trainer and analyst
      • Group tutorials with trainer and analyst



  • Load control and content programming
  • Specialist in strength work
  • Task Control Specialist
  • Rehabilitation and recovery of injuries
  • Evaluations:
  • Training profile and matches of the player using GPS technology
  • Individualized work plans for the development and improvement of conditional qualities:
    • Strength training
    • Resistance Workouts:
      •  Soccer specific stamina enhancement
      • Control of body composition
    • Injury Prevention Workouts:
      • General prevention plans
      • Plans adapted to the needs of the player
    • Reports and supervised follow-up:
      • Comparative individual report
      • Individual meetings
      • Collective meetings
      • Training meetings to clarify training concepts


  • Evaluation, follow-up and individualized objectives:
    • Personalized nutritional programming for the development of muscle mass
    • Personalized nutritional programming for fat loss
    • Group training meetings on nutritional concepts
    • Individual report:
      • Body composition status
      • Nutritional recommendations
      • Player feedback
      • Setting short-term goals


  • Professional sports physiotherapists belonging to RCD Espanyol
  • Initial evaluation according to individual injuries or discomfort:
    • Arthro-muscular evaluation on a stretcher
    • Gesture-specific injury assessment
    • Coordination of work with the injury rehabilitator
  • Management of medical services:
    • Management of appointments with specialist doctors
    • Appointment management with podiatrists
    • Management of medical reviews
    • Injury Medical Report Evaluations
    • Medical transfers and medicines (not included in the cost)


  • Recording of matches and training sessions
  • New Technologies Sessions:
    • Smart ball
    • Strobe glasses
    • LED goals
    • Neurostimulation through LED
    • Ball machine
    • 360º cameras (goalkeepers)
  • Video analysis:
    • Individual:
      • Setting personalized goals after an initial evaluation
      • Follow-up analysis of the objectives through matches, training sessions and sessions of New Technologies
      • Real-time analysis during training sessions
    • Group:
      • Common objectives:
      • Analysis of the whole team
      • Analysis by lines


  • Federal management in the corresponding cases

Academic training


  • The student and their family will choose the option/options that suit their specific case:
    • Studies in a Spanish school with an agreement with the Marcet Academy, in the regulated system of Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate or Vocational Training
    • Official studies of the American, British, French, Peruvian or Mexican system.
  • Academic monitoring of the student in agreement with the distance school itself, agreed upon and enrolled directly by the family
  • Academic supervision of the student during class and study hours. The Marcet Academy does not manage any procedures with the school, these must be carried out by the family or legal guardian of the student
  • Professional training studies for the Official Soccer Technician Title – Level I and Level II (from 16 years of age and if the requirements are met) (additional cost):
    • Preparation for physical tests:
      • Guidance and recommendations for the appearance in the physical tests essential for admission to the official studies of Soccer Technician Level I
      • Physical and sports preparation session at Marcet for these tests
  • Linguistic immersion (Spanish language, for students who do not speak it):
      • Spanish Language Immersion Plan
      • Preparation for official DELE Spanish exams of the Instituto Cervantes
  • Football Masters Program (from 16 years old and if the requirements are met)
  • Study hall – reinforcement classroom:
    • Academic reinforcement
    • Resolution of doubts
    • Explanation of topics that have not been clear in class
    • Supervision of homework and daily academic tasks
    • Support in school work and projects
    • Support in the preparation of tests and exams.


  • School excursions and various extra activities
  • Textbooks or digital books in the case of attending the Spanish school
  • School uniform if applicable


  • Negotiations with educational centers:
    • Management of allocation of places in the study center
    • Enrollment of the student in the school
    • Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation
    • Management with the school in reconciling the student’s sports and school calendars
    • Request for official documentation from the school that is necessary for the student
    • Follow-up processing of titles
    • Request for official certificates
  • Academic procedures with the Government (additional cost):
    • Homologation of studies:
      • Guidance on the documentation to be prepared by the student
      • Follow-up of the preparation of the documentation by the student
      • Presentation of documentation to the Government
      • Management and payment of the corresponding fees
      • Application for homologation of studies
      • Request for Conditional Registration Flyer to the study center
      • File monitoring
      • Orientation to the student on the collection of the credential of homologation and validation


  • Academic orientation:
    • Academic orientation in the present:
      • Type and system of studies most suitable for the student
      • Determination of the need for homologation of studies
      • Guidance for official exams (if required)
    •  Academic vocational guidance in the future:
      • Professional outings
      • Training options applicable to the future
  • Student support – Reference person:
    • Setting and tracking personal academic goals

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