‘The Incredible Frenchman’


Baptiste Dedola signs for Ajaccio after playing a vital role in the World Cup.

Baptiste Dedola did not have the best initiation into football. “I was 5 years old when I started playing with my Dad,” remembers the Ajaccio player. “We would go to a pitch where all sorts of different ages would get together to play matches. The older ones would always take care to not harm the younger ones, but once I got hit straight in the face by the ball. It was a little traumatizing and so I decided to never play football again.”

Four years later things changed. “Suddenly I lost all my fear and decided to sign up to Cascol, a team in the Lyon region. After that, I played for Craponne. From this point onwards, I haven’t stopped playing. I like facing rivals and everything that goes with it,” explains Baptiste, who is known for his versatility on the pitch. He can play upfront, on the wing or as a right back. He’s fast, has a hard shot and is strong in one on one’s.

The path that led Baptiste to Barcelona began in Turin. While playing in a tournament in the Italian city in which Marcet Academy was also participating, he was named best player. In what in this manner that Baptiste started playing every summer in the Academies’ World Cup of Football. “I wanted to experience something new and improve. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed travelling and watching Spanish football.”

“AT MARCET I PLAYED IN MY first big tournament AND there I learned how to act in important matches”

I learned so much at Marcet. I especially worked on my movements on the pitch. I understood the importance of running not only to win back the ball, but also to impede rivals from advancing. I also worked on my techniques and improved my dribbling and playing with my left foot. The best experience was winning the World Cup. It was the first big tournament I played in, and there I learned how to act in important matches. It was a very enriching experience, more so due to the participation of teams from all around the world. I remember whenever I did a good dribbling manoeuvre or scored a goal, the tournament commentator would call me ‘The Incredible Frenchman’.”

Baptiste Dedola en uno de sus últimos partidos con el Craponne.
Baptiste Dedola in one of his last matches against Craponne.

After various experiences in Barcelona, Baptiste did not take long to find a team with a good level. He signed for Bastia, then went to Ajaccio, a Second Division side for whom he still plays. “I get to play at one of the highest levels. Now I play for the U-19’s and we play against high calibre clubs such as Monaco, Nice, Saint-Étienne, Montpellier…”

The 2019-20 season started well for Ajaccio. Both the first team and the U-19’s are doing fantastically well, as both are first in their respective divisions. “The results are coming and we’re playing some great football. I want to reach the first team as soon as possible and give back as much as I can to this club that has given me so much.”


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