Improve while enjoying


Giacomino Dedola signs for Grenoble after an “unforgettable” World Cup with Marcet.

“We were playing a match in the Academies’ World Cup of Football and were winning 4-0. I had already scored a goal and made an assistance but had to leave the field so that another player could play. Suddenly we were losing 4-5 and the coach sent me back on for the last few minutes of the match, but I couldn’t do anything to help the situation. I ended up crying.”

During another match I did a perfect bicycle kick. The ball went soaring into the top corner of the goal defended by one of the best keepers in the World Cup. I couldn’t believe it… I didn’t even know how I scored a goal like that! Even the match commentator smiled at me and but his thumb up. I felt very proud at that moment.”

Football is suffering and happiness. Even within the same tournament, as Giacomino Dedola’s anecdotes illustrate: during the World Cup, he experienced both the bad and the good of the sport. But the good and the bad are what made him evolve as a footballer and as a person. “My experience at Marcet is unforgettable. It really marked me as a player. In Barcelona I learned to play with my other foot, to pressure rivals, head the ball… I learned everything there.”

“My experience at Marcet really marked me as a player. I learned everything there”

“I found out about the World Cup through my brother Baptiste, who already played for a Marcet Team. I wanted to have the same adventure and ended up really enjoying it while improving at the same time,” remembers Giacomino, offensive central defender who recently left Craponne to sign for Grenoble, a Second Division French side.

Giacomino Dedola (dcha.) durante un partido de la World Cup en Marcet.
Giacomino Dedola (right.) during World Cup match for Marcet.

“My father made me participate in a draft. I’m from 2005 but I competed with those from 2004,” explains the French ‘number 10’. “It was hard and I had to give everything physically and technically. At the end of the session the Grenoble coach said they wanted to sign me. Despite an injury keeping me away from the field for 8 months, the club never abandoned me. Quite the opposite, they made me follow a kinesitherapy program designed for professional footballers. Being a part of a big club has these advantages and I really thank Grenoble por this opportunity.”

After his injury, Giacomino’s adventure with the French side finally began in the 2019-20 season. “I’m very happy because I’ll play alongside talented footballers. It’s all only just begun but I have a goal in mind and I’m going to work hard to achieve it: I want to be a professional footballer and make it to one of the biggest clubs in Europe.”

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