Unwavering Confidence


Diego Martins recorded his training sessions at Marcet, corrected errors, and sent a video to several Spanish teams. Discover his path to Sevilla and Mallorca.

Diego Martins has come a long way in his relentless pursuit of his football dreams. He started at the local team in his neighborhood, Patronato, and went through Atlético Baleares and CD Cide before reaching the Marcet Academy. He defines himself as a goalkeeper who values communication, attitude, character, and mental strength.

His connection with Marcet began through Rodolfo Pichardini, who promoted the Academy’s Goalkeeper Draft. “I sent videos and took it very seriously. I won the draft and received the scholarship,” recalls Martins with satisfaction.

“In Marcet, I learned a lot and I came out being a better goalkeeper than I was at the beginning.”

During his time at the Academy, Martins highlights his progress: “I learned a lot and emerged as a better goalkeeper than I was at the beginning. Training daily with such intensity is wonderful, and all that effort always pays off.” He also cherishes the connections he made: “I met fabulous people from different countries and cultures. I still keep in touch with them today.”

Despite his young age, Diego stood out for his self-criticism and discipline. Showing his dedication, he recorded all his training sessions to identify areas for improvement in his game. “I edited those videos and created a final one that I sent to all the teams in Spain via email. Sevilla was the only one that responded and invited me for trials. It went very well, and they told me they counted on me for the next season,” recalls the goalkeeper, describing the celebration with his family.

After two seasons at the Sevilla Academy, Martins continued his development at RCD Mallorca, signing his first professional contract. “My goal is to debut in the top division, but I know it’s important to take it step by step,” he says, committing himself to his education off the field.

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