Different goals, same course


Alfonso and Antonio have been two of the main characters at the 2017 Barcelona Challenge. They have very different profiles, but the exact same love of football.

Alfonso is Spanish, a goalkeeper and plays for a top club. Antonio is from the States, a striker and plays for his academy’s side. Their profiles and goals are very different, but both of them found exactly what they were looking for at the Marcet’s high performance intensive course.

Alfonso Aragón next season will play for SD Huesca’s youth academy squad and he signed up for the Barcelona Challenge in order to start pre-season with his club in the best condition possible. “It’s an opportunity to learn new things”, the goalie tells us. “For example, you learn how to look at football from a different angle, open your mind a lot more and in the end this is the most important. The rhythm of the course is almost professional. There are activities during the whole day: technical-tactical training, physical sessions, on the beach, in the pool, sports psychology…”

“There is always something to do. It’s very intense but also fun at the same time”, Antonio Puerta adds. It’s the third time that Forward from Miami has crossed the pond to take part in a course at Marcet. His goal is to better technically and tactically in order to be signed to a top tier club. “I come back every year because when I go back I leave as a much better player. For this reason I want to sign up to the High Performance Academy program in September and be here for the whole year”.

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