“Dream big, work small”


The Marcet Football University’s diploma award ceremony closes the 2023-24 Professional Program

On June 13th, Marcet Football University held the diploma award ceremony for the 2023-2024 season in Barcelona, an event that brought together all the students of the Professional Program. The event marked the end of a cycle of effort, dedication, and learning for our young footballers, who were honored in a night full of emotions and recognitions (see the pictures).

The president of Marcet Football University opened the ceremony with an inspiring message to the students, highlighting the importance of auxiliary intelligence in football. “We have been training it throughout this season, and it can be summarized in the following idea: you have to dream big and act in the small things,” noted J. Marcet, emphasizing the importance of applying what has been learned both on and off the field.

The ceremony continued with a sports talk highlighting the academic and personal progress of the students, and the successes achieved at the team level, such as the U-16 victory in the Oviedo Cup. “We are a group that keeps growing, we are all already a big family focused on success in the path of life,” emphasized the academy officials during the event.

One of the most anticipated moments was the award ceremony for the “exemplary students” of their respective houses. These students were recognized not only for their academic and athletic performance but also for their positive attitude and ability to inspire their peers.

In the academic talk, the effort required to combine high-performance sports with studies was highlighted. “We are very proud of our students, as 97% have successfully passed their course, their personal challenge,” explained Carolina Marcet, especially congratulating those who obtained an official study certificate. “This achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of our students, who have shown that it is possible to achieve excellence both in the sports field and in the academic field, reaffirming the commitment of Marcet Football University to the comprehensive training of young footballers.

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