‘It’s another world here’


After passing through Marcet, Edu Frías is now at RCD Espanyol and already training with the first team.

Edu Frías is now facing an essential period in his sporting career. He has now joined a top flight club, RCD Espanyol, where he’s defending their goal for their youth academy. He’s got everything to play for to make the jump to professional football, and he knows that his future depends on his performances on the pitch. That’s what he explained in front of Fundación Marcet’s cameras, where his home was for years.

“I want to be a professional footballer, but I continuously make short-term goals. That’s the most important thing for the long run, because without realising it, you get closer and closer to the long-term goal” the Espanyol goalkeeper tells us, who arrived at the Perico club in the summer of 2014. When he was told that Espanyol had been in contact with Marcet about signing him, Edu couldn’t believe it. “All the work that had been done during 4 years was starting to blossom”.

With Diego López

In the interview with Quim Peña, head of the goalkeepers academy, the Espanyol keeper told us about his day to day with his club, about how it’s changed his life, the importance of family and when he started training with the first team next to top calibre players like Diego López. “It was a huge change. It’s another world, everything is much harder. In the beginning you ask yourself what are they gonna be like, because they’re professionals and they’re on TV. But in the end you realise they’re just normal people and they give you advice on how to improve”.

In his evolution as a goalkeeper, Edu highlighted the importance of of the physiological aspect. “Before I was quite shy, I’m not as much anymore. I never had the sensation that I needed to change who I was or how I was, but I had to better that aspect of me to move forward. Before I used to disconnect a little, my mind would wonder off during games and during training sessions. I had to have sessions with the sports phycologist at Espanyol, who advised me on some special routines to keep me focused. And it worked”.

What Edu is totally sure about is that football is a team sport and to be successful it’s vital work as a group and advance together. “When you win, when achieve success, it’s because everyone is more than just teammates. When you create deeper bonds it’s when you can truly be successful as a team”.


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