Passion between the goalposts


Eduard Mohedano prepares for his ultimate challenge: securing minutes in the first team and continuing his football development.

Engaging in a conversation with Eduard Mohedano, the 1.91m tall Barcelona-born goalkeeper, one senses the presence of a player with experience beyond his years. The confidence he exudes is what he strives to convey to his teammates and coaching staff on the field. “My greatest strength lies in aerial play, reflexes, and vision,” he confidently asserts, drawing inspiration from Iker Casillas, although acknowledging that his style differs from that of the legendary world cup winner.

In his early days in football, Eduard was part of Séneca C.F in Córdoba. During a visit to his relatives in Barcelona, he had the opportunity to take part in a Summer Camp at the Marcet Academy, an experience that altered his trajectory. “At Marcet, I underwent improvements in various aspects, especially in technical skills,” the goalkeeper affirms as he fondly recalls the tournaments he competed in alongside his teammates.

Following his time at MarcetEduard continued his development across various teams in Barcelona, including GaváSan GabrielCanvidaletDamm, and Bellvitge. In 2022, he took a significant step forward by joining S.D. Huesca, competing in the Spanish second division.

In his youth years, he already displayed the determination that would lead him to fulfill his dreams.

After a season with Huesca, he received news of his signing with Las Palmas. “It was my representative who informed me about the club’s interest. Like any player, my short-term goal is to earn playing time on the field, as that is the most beautiful aspect of football,” Mohedano shares. This season marks his debut in the senior category and his opportunity to continue growing in his sports career.

Despite his youth, Eduard embodies determination in his pursuit of development and accomplishments. His dedication and perseverance are evident as he bravely faces challenges daily. With a high technical proficiency, his commitment and thirst for learning have propelled him into professional football. With this distinctive mindset, success is assured for him.

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