Strength and sacrifice


Getafe defender Eduardo Rossi recalls the ‘unforgettable experiences’ he experienced at Marcet.

Eduardo Rossi played for his hometown team, EFMO Boadilla. But his father was convinced that with the right training he could aspire to something greater. So he decided to sign him up for Marcet‘s intensive courses in Madrid, which Eduardo would attended for four years. When he left, he did so wearing Getafe‘s uniform.

“Thanks to Marcet I was able to approach football semi-professionally. It’s where I learned the basic concepts that every football player should have,”  Eduardo explains, who defines himself as a defender whose main skill is “assertiveness”. He can play both central and either end of the defensive line, and in the 2017-18 season he wore the third captaincy armband in Getafe’s under 18s C team. Next year will be part of the B team.

It was Javier Sánchez, coordinator of Marcet’s courses in Madrid, who organized a tryout with the blue club. “He called them over to give me a chance and everything went well,” Eduardo recalls. “The Getafe coach told me that I would stay there the following year. Before starting, I even got to play an end of season tournament with them.”

Making the squad of a First Division team was not easy. “There’s a lot of sacrifice involved in football, especially if you want to approach it professionally. They are many hours of training and not being able to be with your friends. But in the end the moments that the sport gives you are always the best. My greatest satisfaction has been to raise my level year after year, competing as always.”

Now Eduardo wants to finish Baccalaureate and get as far as he can as a footballer. He won’t forget the good times at Marcet: the intensive courses (Summer, Christmas and Easter), the Annual Course, Desafío Barcelona… “Especially the tournaments that we played in Turin and Portugal. They were unforgettable experiences.”



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