An avalanche of goals


Enrique Lebronze signs for Valladolid after putting away 40 plus goals for the Torrejón U12’s.

He started kicking a ball around at age three. “Everyone in the neighborhood played football, it was always the main sport,” recalls Enrique Lebronze, who scored more than 40 goals in the Torrejón ranks last year. An average of this type – almost 2.5 points per game – could not go unnoticed among scouts of First Division clubs, who tried to sign the Spanish striker ahead of the 2019-20 season.

“I was at home when they told me that Real Valladolid could be an option. I did not expect it at all, but I was very excited to start this new adventure right away. It is an important signing for me, because it means that if I keep working well and in a disciplined way, I will have possibilities to reach professional football”.

“THIS means that if I keep working well, I will have possibilities to reach professional football”

In addition to Torrejón, Enrique trained in various of Marcet’s intensive courses, as well as participating in a couple of editions of the Academies’ World Cup of Football. “There I learned to improve my shot, to direct controls, and read spaces… I also changed my attitude in the field. Now I play with more intensity and sacrifice myself more“.

According to Enrique, the training at Marcet is very different in comparison to actual football clubs: “They teach you something that in a team you can’t learn, because they do a very individualized job and they end up bringing out the best of you. What has been most useful are the tips before playing and the motivational talks of the technicians, but I also value all the friendships I made during the courses”.

Enrique compares himself with strikers like Samuel Eto’o and Diego Costa. They are the references of a battering ram that can also fall to the wing, who likes to fight for each ball and who scores a lot of goals. Characteristics that in the coming months will be made available to Valladolid, a club that will take care of his accommodation and study expenses. “Now it’s time to work hard every day and see if I’m lucky and can fulfill my dream”.


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