A project to break through the borders


Marcet Foundation collaborates with countries on the path to footballing development through a scholarship programme for players and trainers.

Malta and Lebanon have just jumped on the list of countries whose football federations are officially collaborating with Marcet. Our football academy’s Foundation has been working with national associations in all five continents for the past ten years with the objective of enhancing and maximising football all over the globe. Our scholarship programme is in mutual collaboration with the Erasmus + project, designated to countries in which football is still in its developing stages as a professional sport.

This initiative is made possible thanks to the international experience fostered these last few years at Marcet, having reached out to 28 countries with several different initiatives of various magnitudes. Today, our scholarship programme has reached players and trainers from countries like Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Pakistan, North Korea, Georgia and Kazakhstan amongst others. This year, on top of the aforementioned, we’ve had Malta and Lebanon join, alongside Iran, Peru, Japan and China.

In the scholarship programme, the Erasmus + project has its own specific characteristics. Above all, it’s aimed at National Federations classified between places 150 to 202 on the FIFA ranking table. Moreover, it sees to it that players that take part have previously played for their national team. Given these requisites, the footballers under the age of 18 can apply for a scholarship for a four-week course at Marcet’s High Performance Academy.

Cultural cooperation

The Erasmus + Programme is make with encouraging the exchange of knowledge, sporting competence and opportunity in mind. The Marcet Foundation is one of the entities that the UE’s European Commission have officially recognised as fit to meet the goal of academic, sporting, cultural, technological and logistical cooperation at hand.

Not only players, but trainers are also welcome to a two-week educational programme. The programme, on the whole, is all about making the most of a prestigious academy’s ‘know how’ and contributing to the developing of football in countries that still have a large margin for improvement and that find that they are isolated from the networks that connect the leading countries in the footballing world. This is a project where intelligent football learning doesn’t ignore the importance of human values and is here to provide future employability inside and outside the world of football.


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