Every cloud has a silver lining


Obstacles in a player’s path are opportunities to further progress.

The path to professional football isn’t an easy one. Adaptation problems, unexpected substitutions, serious injuries, administrative restrictions… Each player has a long line of obstacles that they have to overcome if they want to reach the top.

Among the 150 students at Marcet’s High Performance Academy there is no one who has not had to face difficulties of some kind. For example, Oraz Atayev, who arrived from Turkmenistan in 2015 without knowing a word of Spanish: “At the beginning, in the first semester, I did not want to study. My family was not happy with this, so I began to learn the language. In three or four months everything started to work a lot better.”

Others, like Hugo Romero, have to work with the disadvantages of having a small physical build and learn to compensate with other qualities. Besides that, almost all players have had to spend more time on the bench than they would like at some point in their careers. This is the case of Gerard Espinalt, who has just started out on Marcet’s A team after recovering from an injury and has come to accept the situation and his new position as a true professional would have to.

The video at the head of this page accounts for the personal stories of these three players and how they have managed to overcome their respective difficulties for the sake of their sporting evolution. In soccer, as in life, every cloud has a silver lining. A saying that always sings true if problems are faced with the right attitude.

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