Serenity and game vision


“Football requires patience,” says Faysel Hinojosa, who has recently been signed by Real Valladolid.

It’s a good moment in time for Real Valladolid. The spanish club has returned to the first division league after a five-year absence and Ronaldo has just become its top shareholder. Faysel, former Barça and Real Madrid forward, has brought with him more enthusiasm to a team that earned itself the promotion thanks to the fundamental contribution of their homegrown players. Great timing and good news for Faysel Hinojosa, who has just entered the lower categories of Valladolid’s team.

The Ávila-born athlete signed for Valladolid once having proved himself to be an outstanding defender, for his peace of mind and game vision, after a great season with Santa Marta. Valladolid’s technical staff got in touch with his family after seeing him play with Castilla y León regional team. “When I got word that they wanted to sign me, I didn’t think twice about it,” recalls Faysel.

“In marcet workouts were different from what I’d done before; they were more specific”

I feel great here,” he explains. “In Valladolid, everything is very different from what I’m used to, training is very intense, relaxing is scarce. Their serious concern for technical improvement reminds me of Marcet.”

Faysel was first introduced to Marcet during a tournament in Guadalajara. After that experience, he decided to sign up for the intensive summer courses in Madrid. “I had a friend who used to go to the Annual Course every Sunday. He’d always spoken well of the academy, and he wasn’t wrong. I actually felt very comfortable there, workouts were different from what I’d done at my club in that they were much more specific. Working way beyond working possession drills and practice games.”

“I’ve seen lots of talented kids who just haven’t made it far enough because of their mindset”

This season Faysel will have to travel from Ávila four times a week to train and play with his new team. “I am a first-year Cadete (14-15 y/o) and Valladolid doesn’t offer residency options until the second year, so my goal for next season is to consolidate myself in the club and stay.”

Something the young defender knows only too well how to achieve. “Sacrifices will have to be made, without a doubt. However I believe that in order to succeed in football you need patience and humility, I’ve seen lots of talented kids who just haven’t made it far enough because of their mindset.”

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