An A+ Footballer


Ferran Ruiz had the best grades at Marcet. Today, he takes his talent to Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team.

When Ferran Ruiz Martí signed for Real Madrid, alarms went off over at Barça. Not only because the former defender for Girona had practically closed a deal with Barcelona., but also because being the fast defender that he is and sporting an excellent long-range pass, he was close to being a perfect fit for the Catalonian team. Nevertheless, these qualities have shone true at Madrid, after having earned himself a great season with Girona.

You could say that Ferran was practically born with a ball at his feet,” his father, David Ruiz, tells us. “Ever since he started walking, he was always playing with a ball. Back when he was three or four years old, we went to a toy shop for some Christmas shopping and his brother, who’s two years older, asked for everything he laid eyes on. All Ferran wanted was another ball for his collection of twelve that he had at home.”

The Cadete A defender of Real Madrid first started playing at Santa Pau as a child, in the province of Girona. When he was still eight or nine years old, he started going to Marcet. From 2011 to 2014 he took part in several training programs: intensive campuses, annual courses, competitions, tournaments both in Spain and abroad.

“I’ve always said that if Ferran hadn’t gone to Marcet, he wouldn’t be the player he is now”

“We first came across Marcet through a friend of mine,” Ferran’s father explains. “He mentioned that it wasn’t your typical summer camp where kids just went to have fun with their friends. He told us that they worked hard and learned a lot. We thought we’d give it a go to see if Ferran liked football as much as he said he did, with the aim of showing him that real dedication to sport comes with a certain degree of sacrifice, which is why we opted to let him stay at Marcet, full-time, in their residence throughout the course.”

The progress that Ferran made was such that in 2013, Girona came knocking on his door. The defender started his time at Girona at the age of ten and left four years later after accepting Real Madrid’s offer. “I’ve always said that if Ferran hadn’t gone to Marcet, he wouldn’t be the player he is now,” says the boy’s father. “There he understood that if you want to become someone, be in it professionally, you have to fight for it, he learned to compete and made massive improvements both technically and tactically. His first year there, he had very rigorous and demanding coaches, they were a masterclass in dedication for him. Looking back at his grades, they’re all 10/10″.

Ferran Ruiz en dos acciones de un partido que disputó con la Selección contra Turquía.
Ferran Ruiz during a match of the U-16 Spanish National Team against Turkey.

About to turn 16, Ferran is a happy boy with a promising future. A key component to Madrid’s Cadete A, he has also recently been called by the lower categories of the Spanish National Team, where he plays alongside Alan Godoy, another Marcet trainee. “The gratification for everything he has achieved today outways every single hardship,” says David. “There’s no doubt my son wants to become a professional footballer, but he is also very clear on the fact that he can’t just put his studies to one side and that they always have to be the priority.”

“There is still a long way to go and it’s true that if you continue working as hard as you are now, you can climb the ladder that is the footballing world, but for now you just have to make sure that you’re enjoying and making the most of every experience that you find yourself in. All this will make you who you are, then we will see what the future will bring…


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