Football as a Passport


Through sports, Jairo Fernández has crossed borders, turning his passion into a true passport that has led him to play on different continents.

Hailing from Guatemala, Jairo found his passion for football at a young age. Describing himself as a winger with speed and unique skills, he has made his mark as a left-back, wing-back, and winger in various teams and countries.

“I have always sought the open space and the ball in space,” explains Jairo. “I have played as a left-back or wing-back in Spain; and in the United States, as a wing-back and winger, both on the left and right side. I stand out for my precise crosses from the wings, making runs behind the opponent’s defense, and my long-range shots.”

Jairo defies the rival’s pressure as he seeks open space.

His football journey began in Guatemala, where he played for local teams and in youth leagues. He then continued his path in Africa, playing for school teams and youth leagues, before finally finding his way to Marcet Academy.

“I got to know Marcet when I was in Barcelona, looking for an academy to further my career”, shares Jairo. “I participated in the Yellow Cup and several triangular tournaments in Madrid, Barcelona, and Girona. The most significant experiences have been the trips and competitions against top teams.”

Fernández’s journey through Marcet: a leap in sports and personal growth.

His time at Marcet was formative in terms of sports and his personal growth and adaptability. “The trips and competitions gave me independence and the ability to handle emotions when away from home,” adds Jairo.

After his stint in Spain, Jairo continued his journey in Europe, playing for Conquense in Cuenca, Spain, where he had the opportunity to compete in the National League. He then decided to broaden his horizons by accepting a scholarship at Campbellsville University, with the help of USA College Sport,

The Guatemalan celebrates ecstatically with the Campbellsville Tigers.

“It was exciting because I had several university options that were looking for players with the Spanish and European style,” mentions Jairo. “CU stood out to me because of their project. With that team, we became national champions.”

Today, Jairo is at the University of San Francisco, focusing on his Computer Engineering studies and football career. “It brings me great excitement to represent my country in international tournaments,” says the footballer. And he concludes, “It is what drives me to give my best; it is my ultimate goal.”

Jairo poses alongside his teammates, national champions of D1 in 2021.

Jairo Fernández, a globetrotter pursuing his dreams, has left his mark on different continents through football. His story is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of sports, highlighting the importance of personal, educational, and experiential development to achieve goals.

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