“Nutritionist, sporting psychologist, new technologies… I wasn’t expecting all that. It has been a very professional experience”.

Ana Luzardo has football running through her veins and wanted to make the most of summer to improve tactically and technically. “I was looking for a course exclusively for girls and Marcet was the only High Performance option I could find within Spain”, explains the defendor from the Canary Islands, who, trained in Barcelona for two weeks last July together with 17 other girls”.

“My objective was to learn, improve and enjoy… And that’s exactly what I did!”, remembers Ana. “The relationship with the coaches and teammates was incredible… Moreover, we got to speak with a nutritionist, a sporting psychologist and experts in new technologies applied to football… I wasn’t expecting all that. It was a very professional experience”.

Alumnas Marcet posan tras una sesión de entrenamiento en la playa.
Some Marcet players during a training session at the beach.

“This intensive course is 100% for girls, from the first training session in the morning up until the last one in the afternoon”, explains Joan Torres, coordinator of female football at the Marcet Academy. “Our objective is to provide the footballers with an environment in which they feel comfortable and at ease. The time for girls has finally arrived! We have to continue helping them by pushing female football forward, which has grown so much over the last few years”.

Sesión de entrenamiento de fútbol femenino en Marcet.
A training session at Marcet Academy.

Fernanda Rodríguez completely agrees. She came from Mexico to train at a “higher level” in Barcelona. “In my country female football doesn’t receive a lot of support. There aren’t such exclusive options for women and if you want to play a good level you have to join mixed teams. For this reason I got so excited when I found out I could take part in the course”.

Of all the activities done at Marcet, Fernanda especially values the beach trainings and talks with the nutritionist. “I’ve also met people from loads of different countries and struck up some great friendships”, adds the Mexican defendor, who, together with her team also had the pleasure of meeting two players from Espanyol’s first team. “My expectations were 100% lived up to”.