The Leader Program is designed to train players from all over the world without them having to travel to Barcelona.

Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to football. Talent may be one erratic variable somewhat hard to predict, but geographical context also has a huge part in someone’s sporting development. Living far from where it all happens is a crippling factor to achieving, as it’s clearly a very different story when one is brought up in a rural area than when brought up in, say, Barcelona. Taking a step back, things can get even more complicated in countries with little to no football tradition.

But location-imposed set-backs are no longer hopeless. Today, technological advances are able to build bridges in all fields. Football included, as shown by our Leader Program, made to train students from all over the world, whatever their place of residence. This is how Xavier Laroche is benefitting from Marcet’s Method with a personalized plan that adapts perfectly to his needs all the way from Haiti.

“It’s a method that I find exciting because it adapts perfectly to our needs”

“Marcet began to draw attention to this new way of training and its use of New Technologies,” recalls Guy, the boy’s father. “Xavier was born in Canada, where he started playing, but we then had to move to Haiti because of my work. Since the move, we signed up for the Leader Program, and started seeing football in a completely different way.”

“We put together videos of Xavier’s matches with Shana FC, his team in Haiti,” explains Guy. “Then we sent the edits to Marcet, where an analyst worked on them, then got in touch and evaluated my son to establish new training objectives every time he’d check in. It’s a method that I find exciting because it adapts perfectly to our needs. and keeps Xavier improving.”

Xavier Laroche toca la pelota durante un entrenamiento en la sede central de Marcet.
Xavier Laroche plays with the ball during a training in Marcet Sports City.

The Leader Program is an individualized ‘coach-mentor’ plan that focuses on everything that could improve the student’s decision making in-game, on the field: An aspect that makes all the difference in today’s football. “At Marcet there are good coaches who teach their trainees how to play intelligently. So Xavier is learning to act in the right way in the face of every situation that he might come across in a game.”

During the holidays, Guy also travels to Barcelona so that his son can take part in the intensive courses and the Checking Program for a few days. But it’s the long-distance analysis and training that has changed Xavier’s relationship with football. “He himself believes that Marcet is the answer to his dream of becoming a professional football player. Now that this academy is a part of his life, everything has changed for the better.”