‘Here, football is faster and more technical’


Two players from South Carolina highlight the differences between football in Spain and in the US.

Jason and Carlos share a passion for football and they want, more than anything in the world, to become professional players. Both come from the United States and met at the Marcet Soccer Camp that was held in North Carolina during the summer of 2017. An experience that happened to be a pleasant surprise and one they couldn’t get enough of, so they packed their bags and came straight to Barcelona.

“My main goal is to improve my ball control and technique,” says Jason Hernandez. “I’ve been in Barcelona for a month, where I’ve seen a completely different way of training compared to what I’m used to. Back in the US, training doesn’t have the same intensity, nor does football have the same importance and cultural weight as it does in Spain.”

“Sports psychology sessions, personalised meetings with analysts, physical on the beach… It’s almost impossible to find all this in my country,” says Jason, who came out satisfied with the Soccer Camp in North Carolina. Soon, Georgia‘s neighbors will also have the opportunity to share the same experience, from July 2 to 14 in the city of Savannah.

“sport psychology, personalized meetings with analysts, physical training on the beach… it’s almost impossible to find this in my country”

Thanks to the Marcet Program for the Training of Intelligence in Football more than a hundred students in the last five years have joined professional clubs of Europe and America after completing their training in Barcelona. An opportunity that will also have the most outstanding kids in Savannah, who will receive a scholarship to be part of the Marcet High Performance Academy in Barcelona.

“The training experience has it all, it’s far from being just a physical,” explains Carlos Cepeda. “In the US we’re used to another type of football, basically where you run a lot, but here the ball is the main component of a lot of the work we do with Marcet, the game we’ve been playing is a more technical and fast-paced one, where strategy is played over strength and endurance.”

Carlos has clear ideas regarding his future. “I want to get to professional football, my dream is to be able to play in a stadium with thousands of followers. For that I have to improve in everything I can, work hard, give everything I have, and that just about sums up what I’m here for. Football is my passion.”

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