‘Out of my comfort zone’


Canadian goalkeeper Félix Clapin-Girard came to Granada FC ‘pursuing something important’.

Félix started playing football age 3. “It worked from the start, I liked it from the beginning”, recalls the Canadian keeper. “I started my career at Dynamo de Hull, I then played for Ottawa Fury and US Colomiers. Afterwards I decided to go to the other side of the pond to try my luck in European football and chose to go Fundación Marcet. Thanks to that decision I’m now able to defend Granada FC’s colours”.

Félix Clapin-Girard is 18 years old, he’s been playing in goal for 9 of those. “I think I started to like the position due to its particularity. Goalkeepers always have something distinct about them in comparison to outfield players, and that’s what attracted me to the position. I love the fact that I’m the last player, the last line of defence”, the young Canadian keeper tells us, who’s idols have always been Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon.

When he made the jump to Fundación Marcet, the Canadian press didn’t take long to realise the great opportunity that Félix had. “Clapin-Girard’s Catalan trampoline” or “Clapin-Girard falls into a gold mine” are some of the titles of articles published in December 2014, when the Canadian goalkeeper started his journey with Fundación. “It’s an academy that specialises in getting goalkeepers into Top Division clubs”, Félix himself told reporters.

A few inspirational words from the young footballer that only signed for Granada FC 8 months ago. “It’s incredible! I’m getting closer and closer to my aspirations. My journey so far has been great, and signing to a professional club like Granada, I have everything at my disposal to improve even more and pursue something important”.

What’s been the secret to smashing through all the phases? “At Marcet, they’ve taught me how to get the best out of myself, making me get out of my comfort zone”, says Félix, who also remembers how his signing to the Andalusian team came about. “Carlos Rivero, Sports Director at Fundación Marcet, told me that I had a two day trial with Granada. Shortly after they got in touch with me directly to tell me that they wanted to add me to their squad. I’m very happy here and I feel I have an important place in the team”.

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