To the national squad


Giancarlo Coto, along with Zelaya and Barahona, are three of Marcet’s players who have been called up to the Honduran U-17s

“I’m now only thinking about what’s next”. That’s what Arnold Barahona affirmed a week ago, after a game where Marcet’s academy players lost against Atlético de Madrid. His deception was short-lasting. What came next was a dream phone call. “You’ve been called up to U-17s squad”. As a result, the Honduran is joining up with his compatriot and teammate at Marcet Gustavo Zelaya, who received the call three days before.

“Arnold is one of our best players here at Marcet”, Alberto Martín says, the young footballers coach. “When I saw him for the first time at the Professional Program, he caught my attention due to his distinct talent”, he adds. From that summer of 2015, according to his coaches in Barcelona, the attacking midfielder’s progression has been spectacular. “He’s one of the best we’ve got at Marcet” that’s Martín’s verdict, praising his ability in creating space.

He came to Spain following in the footsteps of Jonathan Rubio, an ex Marcet player who now plays in Portugal. Since his arrival, he has scored goals all over Spain. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville have all had the pleasure of playing him until reaching this new height.

Barahona and Zelaya are being joined by another teammate from Marcet, the centre midfielder Giancarlo Coto. “Giancarlo is a true team player”, Carlos Rivero says, Sports Director of the Professional Program, who highlights his “judgement on the ball”.

Success isn’t achieved by itself. The call up to national squad is a prize for bravery and sacrifice. They left their home for two simple promises, hard work and high demands. Instead of laying back, their coaches watch with pride about how they embrace their challenges and respond above expectations.

Jonathan Rubio wanted praise the three young players and wish them luck with this video:

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